How to Build a Bankroll …

by , Feb 9, 2009 | 1:20 pm

In Las Vegas, there are lots of opportunities to replenish, even in these difficult economic times:

While this is kinda amazing just because it’s in a mainstream paper … 10 minutes of work to earn a standard 2/5 NL buy-in? I gotta think Tbonezzz will be considering it if he doesn’t cash in today’s Venetian Deep Stacks event, which he qualified for via satellite.

5 Comments to “How to Build a Bankroll …”

  1. Poker Shrink

    Dan you have sunk to a new low.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. tbonezz111

    Well… even us non-bankroll having wanna-be’s have our standards !!

  3. DanM

    So how deep did you get before 6s cracked your Jacks?

  4. poker blog

    Money is money I guess 😉

  5. tbonezz111

    Level 4… had this guy pegged too which is what really chaps my ass… had re-raised him 2 out of 3 last times I was in big blind w/QQ both times… 4th time around I had JJ and raised same exact amount and knew he was tired of me doing this. I wasn’t in trouble chip wise here, but, gotta win those situations to take down the tourny. Only good thing is my next tourny is only an 80 dollar cash tip away 🙂