Karridy Wins Oklahoma WSOP Academy Tourney

Team Pokerati represents at Winstar!

by , Feb 22, 2009 | 3:48 pm

Karridy outlasted and out-intimidated “Century 21 Rocks!” and every other student-player at WinStar.

Karridy’s in Oklahoma this weekend, attending the WSOP Academy at WinStar … (note to Texas legislators) … and, sure enough, after a day of schooling, he won their big tournament last night. I don’t know the details — I think it was like 40something players, two of whom may or may not have included instructors Greg Raymer and Mike Gracz … and the prize is something like a fancied-up trip to Vegas and seat in WSOP-A’s tournament of champions. Anyhow, nice job K-man! That’s 2-for-2 for him when representing Team Pokerati.

ALT HED: Karridy Don’t Need No … Edu-ca-tion

Oh, wait, I’m forgetting about the two WSOP 1500’s where he busted out early on Day 1. But regardless, in what is something of a rarity, the entire Beyond the Table hosting crew (SitNGo Steve excused) was playing poker Saturday night. While Karridy was winning his tourney, I was kicking a little ass playing 1/2 online, booking my second $1,000 win in two sessions (might I actually have learned something at cash games college?), and Tom was playing the main event of the LAPC, where he won his seat via satellite but would soon be busting out not too far into Day 1, thereby making him happy for his amateur BTT cohorts, but not so happy about being the biggest loser of the bunch.

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  1. Short-Stacked Shamus


  2. johnnydallas

    Someone who went/ How was the Academy?
    Was it worth $1500?

  3. DanM

    I’ll let Karridy reply for Oklahoma, but having attended the cash games WSOP Academy here in Vegas … that was the big question. My tuition was comped, but had I paid out of pocket, would it have been worth the price of admission?

    With a few seconds of pause, I could answer yes. It wasn’t an insta-yes, mind you, because this wasn’t like an amazing Disneyland-Superbowl experience — 16 hours of seminars can hardly be. But it definitely was the kind of thing — from the instruction to the personal interaction with pros about your play to the food to the supporting take-home materials — that no one could leave feeling they got ripped off. You leave this class feeling a little bit inspired, but also recognizing, OK, they’ve given me some tools and some new ways to think about things, have plugged a few leaks, but now I’ve got some real work to do …

    I’d say if you play 2/5 or bigger, without a doubt it is worth it … you’ll recoup the cost in a matter of just a few pots that you either win or avoid losing. For us 1/2 players, I’m pretty sure we’ll get it back. In the month since I attended, I’m up a few hundred dollars, but can tell you I’m definitely playing better, and catching myself quicker when playing badly. We took a test when there, evaluating your Poker IQ based on some crazy algorithm of factors. I scored a 112 after the class. I had forgotten I had taken a similar test online about 6 months earlier — turned out to be the same one — and I had scored a 93.

    So take all that for what it’s worth. I suspect it all applies for the tournament academy as well. If you play in $1k tournaments or bigger, without a doubt you’d get your money back with one extra cash, or going just a few spots deeper in a single tourney. If you are playing in $40, $100, or $200 tourneys it may take consistent results over the course of many months to a year before you see the return, but if you stick with what you’ve learned, it will come.

  4. waldoworld

    Great job! Hope you got to keep the whole enchilada. By the way, Raymer, Gracz, and Brandon did all play in the tourney.

  5. texasholly

    I tried to stop him early in the tournament when going all-in on a 4,5 off suit? But it wasn’t meant to be. So cool that he won.

    I thought the seminar was worth the money. Day two lectures were much more relevant than the basic info on day one. The labs were really where I learned the most – not only about my play, but to watch others explain why they did what they did was really interesting.

  6. Karridy

    Thanks Waldo and Holly. Was great meeting you guys!