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by , Feb 13, 2009 | 9:18 am

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Lectures, lab sessions, and lunch are all part of an academic effort to plug your leaks.

Much to say about the WSOP Academy I attended last weekend at Caesar’s … about things I learned, how I performed, and, frankly, what kinda people are shelling out close to $2,000 for anything these days. For some of the 50-or-so poker players in attendance it was just a matter of a buy-in or two for the level they play at. And for others, it was more than half their annual poker budget in a way that doesn’t even account for flights to Las Vegas from Australia or Buffalo.


Prof. Seif: “He may think it’s the right move, but Dan stands to lose a stack of 20-dollar bills this big if he keeps playing that way.”

All in all it was a great class taught by Mark Seif, Mark Gregorich, Alex Outhred, and Michael Gracz — very engaging, informative, and often irreverent — didn’t feel like Saturday/Sunday detention at all. I lost pretty big in the one session of $1/$2 NL I’ve played since WSOP-Acad graduation … I guess they shoulda reminded us to take a nap after class, or they can only do so much with a guy who insists on misplaying KQ generally 8 out of 10 times. (Ah, the painful, humiliating schoolchild memories …) If I could just misplay the hand 4 out of 10 times, that would be some serious positive EV, saving me the theoretical cost of tuition in just a few orbits!

BTW, the next WSOP Academy is at WinStar, February 21-22 — a poker room near and dear to so many Texas player and longtime Pokeratizens. Outhred and Gracz will be part of the Thackerville faculty, along with Greg Raymer and Master Mindset (?) coach Sam Chauhan.

Click here for more info … and really, you should totally think about signing up. Your Pokerati-friendly friends will feed you and everything.

6 Comments to “Me Play Poker Pretty Someday ”

  1. Lone Rhino

    Mark Seif?

    Sorry, I wouldn’t take lessons from him. He’s ethically challenged.


  2. DanM

    What are you trying to say, Lone Rhino?

  3. California Jen

    Sounds like a good mix of instructors. I’ve been in a class taught by Alex Outhred, and he’s very informative.

    But seriously, Dan, you leave the class and have a losing session? I thought you scored average on your exam? Some model student you are. 😉

  4. DanM

    I just realized Lone Rhino said “ethically”, not “ethnically”.

  5. California Jen

    Ethnically challenged? I would hate to think that anyone would say that…ever.

    Dan, I think you’re reading-challenged.

  6. DanM

    Yes, hence the frequent check-raising into the nuts.