More Horse Racing + Poker

by , Feb 4, 2009 | 1:05 am

From The Guardian: Betfair takes a £35m punt on American racing channel

Betfair, of course, sponsors WSOP-Europe. And they’re willing to take a $50 million gamble on their being able to somehow facilitate bets among American horse race fans? Very interesting …

6 Comments to “More Horse Racing + Poker”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    W.C. Fields said, “Horse sense is what a horse has that keeps him from betting on people.”

  2. Kevin Mathers

    I’m sure Betfair’s itching at the chance to have their system of betting (where bettors wager with each other, including if a selected horse wins or loses) happen within the US. However, I can’t see that particular system of wagering working here.

  3. Dave

    “However, I can’t see that particular system of wagering working here.”

    Have you put a lot of thought into that statement, Kevin? 🙂

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Not really, but I don’t put a lot of thought into most of what I say. I was referring to the betting exchange method that Betfair invented, I can’t see US officials want to encourage people betting on horses to lose, in fear of race-fixing and the sort.

  5. Dave

    Ah, right. I thought you meant the US public wouldn’t like it.

    I think they would love it like we do here in the UK.

    btw, It has always been possible to bet on a particular horse to lose in the US….you just bet on all the other horses in the race.

  6. Anonymous

    i cant seem to understand all of this yet since im not really not into horse racing because i dont support gambling. either way (poker or horse racing) its still gambling.