Re: Clonie vs. Full Tilt-The One with the Amended Complaint

by , Feb 4, 2009 | 11:15 am

This is really interesting stuff. As I alluded to in an earlier comment with respect to this case, the rubber will meet the road for FT when they have to testify with respect to the operation of the various companies and the contractual arrangements with other members of the FT Team. Looks like that will happen with the court-ordered depos of Bitar and, most interestingly, Ferguson. As I have said before, I cannot imagine that anyone with FT wants to talk about their dealings with Full Tilt Poker in such a forum, under oath, as it would seem to be tantamount to providing a knife to the butcher wanting to kill the goose who’s laying golden eggs. Plus, now there may be e-mails out there Clonie references that, at least, reference her deal? Wow, again, no way FT wants to go there.

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