RE: Jamie Gold Gets Aced (For $10 Million Plus?)

by , Feb 13, 2009 | 8:05 am

Last week, word came that Jamie Gold signed a sponsorship deal with a relatively new poker site, Aced Poker. That information was confirmed, but more details of the agreement are beginning to come out. MSNBC picked up the story and reported that Gold is set to earn “eight figures or more” through the deal. For those math-challenged readers (like myself who had to write it out with the zeroes), that’s a minimum of $10,000,000!

From the MSNBC piece:, which launched in September 2008, operates on the Merge Gaming Network. Aced poker room manager Brandon Berndt stated in regards to signing Gold, “We are extremely excited to have Jamie on board, not only because of his obvious value as an ambassador for us within the poker world, but for the unparalleled enthusiasm, insight, and creativity he brings to the ongoing development of our brand. He could have chosen so many other sites, but we share his values and vision. He is worth every penny — or billion pennies.”

While exact terms cannot be legally disclosed, sources familiar with the transaction suggest that Gold stands to earn eight figures or more. confirmed that in addition to the lucrative online deal, they will fund Gold’s participation in major USA, European, and Asian events. “I am not at liberty to disclose details of the arrangement,” commented Gold’s attorney Les Abell. “However, I can say that this contract is valued at more than any deal I’ve ever heard of.”

The article notes that Gold sought a sponsor who would focus on charitable endeavors, as that is something with which Gold has become involved over the past few years.

8 Comments to “RE: Jamie Gold Gets Aced (For $10 Million Plus?)”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Looks like it’s a press release that gets published thru MSNBC in hopes of being “news”. is the same PR.

  2. California Jen

    Right, but MSNBC doesn’t usually pick up poker-related stories. This was unique…maybe because of the money involved…or Gold’s name.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    It was published under “Business” – Press Releases.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Also, a world champion from two years ago is able to command $10m from an online site? Really?

  5. BJ Nemeth

    I laugh that the company’s own press release states “While exact terms cannot be legally disclosed, sources familiar with the transaction suggest that …”

    Sources? You mean, like the company that signed him? The same company issuing this press release? Their poker room manager all but confirms it when he makes his wry little comment about a billion pennies. (1 billion pennies = $10 million)

    The beginning of that sentence is even more notable. “While exact terms cannot be LEGALLY disclosed …” I imagine Full Tilt is thinking along those same lines as they ponder taking the Clonie Gowen case into a U.S. court of law.

    My advice to Jamie? Get your hands on that money as quickly as you can. If the press release is to be believed, the $10 million figure does *not* include his buy-in to major tournaments, which is described as “in addition to the lucrative online deal.” Either Aced Poker is very stupid (very likely), or Jamie Gold is an incredibly great negotiator (unlikely).

    I’ll be surprised if this contract reaches its natural conclusion after who-knows-how-many years.

  6. Poker Shrink

    I hear they made the same offer to Jerry Yang. Ten million dollars over twenty million years.

  7. BJ Nemeth

    He’s still not worth it, Poker Shrink. 🙂

  8. Mark

    wow I hadn’t heard this much. I knew Jamie was signed there but this is surprising; mostly because Aced is a fairly new room. Good to know they are not messing around.