RE: National Heads-Up Championship Line-up (2)

by , Feb 26, 2009 | 1:04 pm

Wicked Chops reports that Michael Phelps was supposed to play, but his anti-bong-smoking handlers won’t let him get anywhere near Vegas or poker-playing, 420-friendly degens.

3 Comments to “RE: National Heads-Up Championship Line-up (2)”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Is the fact that he had an invite a surprise?

  2. DanM

    Hardly. He so stood to be the next Orel Hersheiser.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I’m sure I had posted comments here saying that Phelps would be a lock for an invite back around his time at Caesars’ Palace, especially since it was on NBC (which has the US and World Swimming Championships this year).