Woe Is Everybody

by , Feb 16, 2009 | 1:45 pm

Stumbled across a funny site the other day … F*** My Life. It’s basically a Twitter-inspired collective of Murphy’s Law-ish incidents, embarrassing screw-ups, and unfortunate arse poundage in areas of love, money, kids, work, etc. … and sure enough, poker found its way into the textably poetic lament:

Today, I lost 200 dollars while playing poker with my new sunglasses. Turns out you can see the cards in the reflection. FML

Ha ha, face on him. (Same thing happened to me once, but it only cost me a single fold to my pocket-kings re-raise at a final table before someone tipped me off.)

Readers vote on the role luck played in these matters, too. The poker dude above’s current tally:

I agree, your life is f***ed (418)
you deserved that one (3692)

Some funny comments, too:

“Wearing sunglasses in a poker game = Douche bag”

“you betta checkity check yoself befo you wreckity wreck yoself”

“why would u play with sunglasses.. theres no sun in a casino”

2 Comments to “Woe Is Everybody”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I don’t know if this guy knows of the site, but it’d be a great addition.

    Confedrate doesn’t post his blind, loses out on a chance at winning $150k for hand 25 billion on PokerStars this morning.

  2. cmh76

    The following is no joke…

    Just yesterday, while playing in an online tourney, I woke up with QQ in mid position. However, trying to multi-task and chat with a friend on MSN, I accidentally timed out and my hand was auto-folded.

    Flop ended up coming 7 3 Q — FML!