Bellagio Lowers Tuesday Tourney Buy-in

Sign of the Vegas times

by , Mar 10, 2009 | 12:41 am

Just got back from Bellagio — not my usual stomping grounds — and noticed that starting tomorrow, March 10, they’re offering something different there on Tuesdays … a lower cost, above-average-stack 2 pm tourney. For a long time, this was a standard $500 weekday event … $500 for 10k in chips. But now it only costs $300, and you get 6k in chips.

They also have 1/2 NLH there now. Apparently they’ve had it for a few months … News to me, though. I still thought their smallest game was a raucous 2/5 populated with monster stacks. Silly me.

3 Comments to “Bellagio Lowers Tuesday Tourney Buy-in ”

  1. cmh76

    when they open up a .25/.50 NLH table let me know… i’ll book my flight 😉

  2. ScottL

    They were running the 1/2 came as far back as the AVN awards. Tables seemed very soft to me with the local sharks rarely showing up before midnight to feed on the tourists. Games were very profitable from about 10am to about 11pm or so. They had 5 or 6 tables running that entire week.

  3. DanM

    **when they open up a .25/.50 NLH table let me know***

    excalibur has tipless .50/1 on their electronic tables.