Celebrity Apprentice Poker

by , Mar 15, 2009 | 10:52 pm

Perry Friedman, getting ready for the main event.

This week Annie Duke and friends are trying to sell wedding dresses. Not sure who it was that bought one from her, but all it took was a simple phone call to get someone to pony up a “main event”. And with that, the non-poker world was introduced to some poker jargon and an example of how it can apply in their everyday lives:

“main event” = $10,000

Who knew!?! I mean we did, but now we can expect Joe the Non-poker-playing Plumbers everywhere to be saying things like, “I got in a little fender bender and my lawyer got me a main event’s worth of repairs!” or “Did you see that guy on Price is Right, Darryl? He spun that wheel and landed on a dollar to win a main event!”

Awesome … go poker! Will be curious, though, to see if Annie Duke will be backing half the field in this year’s WSOP main event.

UPDATE: It was Perry Friedman (and his bride-to-be) who made a main event charitable donation in exchange for a bridal gown.

MORE UPDATE: I am now much more likely to read Annie’s blog on Mondays than I was before.

One Comment to “Celebrity Apprentice Poker”

  1. Eric

    I only watch this show because of Annie Duke, otherwise celebrity apprentice sucks compared to non-celebrity apprentice.