Good News from the US! Bad news from the EU!

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by , Mar 14, 2009 | 6:50 pm

Online gambling gets some good news in America, as the new US Trade Representative promises to follow the WTO rules! This as the European Union puts the online gambling in the back seat. Plus, what the hell is wrong with the government of South Carolina?

4 Comments to “Good News from the US! Bad news from the EU! ”

  1. Pokermario

    How do these players get caught in their own homes playing for money? Wouldn’t your game turn into a ‘just for fun’ game as soon as authorities knocked on your door? As long as you don’t have cash money in front of you whats the proof. I have a friend who recently came back from the army and he informed me he learned how to play poker in Afghanistan while his company kept track of wins and losses on a notepad while they played. There has to be a way for these ‘quasi-professionals’ to work around antiquated gambling laws. Good Luck!

  2. DanM

    Ron Kirk is a good guy … sensible and level-headed. Will be interesting to see how he handles the practicalities of current WTO issues.

    Not that it’s particularly relevant here, but I interviewed him way-back-when and saw that he was a very strategic thinker, which could be good for us, but also suggests the actions we are seeking may not be so quick and direct:

  3. J Todd

    Thanks for posting that interview, Dan. I don’t think people know a lot about the guy, so any educatin’ we get is helpful.

    Mario, I also wondered how the authorities found out about these games. The story never mentioned that part.

  4. DanM

    My apologies for using a terrible poker metaphor (upping the ante) … it was 2002, though.