RE: Paris Hilton Playing Poker

by , Mar 10, 2009 | 12:38 pm

From our sources at the Hard Rock, the ever-important details about Paris Hilton’s poker action:

She did the tournament Friday night at 11 p.m. as part of her weekend-long birthday celebration. She was with about 20 friends and had a special section reserved for her, however, the room was not closed and other players cycled in on her table. There was about 50 people in the un-advertised tournament. A DJ was brought in for her and the room had a great party atmosphere and vibe that evening. The buy-in was $100 and she was knocked out in about 45 minutes.

6 Comments to “RE: Paris Hilton Playing Poker”

  1. Jason B

    Here I was really starting to believe this was a legitimate poker website and then you report about a obscure reality celeb. Hey, can I get some detail about the Bachelor season finale? Or better yet, I heard that Bret Micheals is doing something poker related with the remaining chicks on his reality show, can I get a quick update on that while youre reporting the news?

  2. DanM

    You know you want it.

    I get my Bachelor updates here:

  3. Jason B

    Dan, you are and always will be “Da Man” relating to celeb-tard info. Keep up the circus!!!

  4. Shane

    I’d be more impressed if proper grammar was used.

    “There was about 50 people in the un-advertised tournament.”

  5. DanM

    ***I’d be more impressed if proper grammar was used.***

    Proper grammar in this instance would be “I’d be more impressed if proper grammar WERE used.”

    It’s called the subjunctive … but you know, glass houses, throwing stones, revealing your inner douche …

  6. Jason B

    What I’d be impressed with if I could get proper english anytime I called technical support or customer service. Now that would be something …..