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OMG! Like poker!

by , Mar 24, 2009 | 9:12 am

Wow that YouTube, I’ll-tell-you-what …

So yeah, the song PokerFace by Lady Gaga … it’s at the top of the charts these days. It hit #1 for UK Singles this week, it’s #3 on the “Hot 100”, #2 on the “Pop 100”, and #9 on the Mainstream Top 40. And … it’s all over YouTube.

Apparently teen (and pre-teen) girls across the country world are flocking to webcams while dancing to a song that shamelessly glorifies Texas Hold’em. Whether we might be seeing the next tough female pros or gold-digging railbirds, I’m not so sure … but either way, surely it’s got to be “good for poker” when a pop song about a brash sexy-chick beatin’ a gamblin’ man at his own game inspires a generation young, impressionable lip-syncers to vocally embrace the concept of “bluffin’ with my muffin.”

Click through and around “related videos” for a sense of just how rampantly this song is spreading the poker word. Technically all the vids are SFW because they’re on YouTube … but WARNING: you may feel a little weird looking at so many perky schoolgirls bouncing around in tight clothes and short skirts to a song about poker: I know I did after watching like 80 of ’em … including:

Umm …
Uhh, poker?
Ooh So wrong
Clearly wronger


Kristy Gazes?

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