Poker Beatables

by , Mar 12, 2009 | 1:15 pm

Currently recording this week’s episode of The Poker Beat. Listen live here to know what you’re supposed to think about poker:

4 Comments to “Poker Beatables”

  1. scott diamond

    Gary is getting a little hot…go gary

  2. scott diamond

    Picture on the Can..Sure its good for Poker. People who buy the Beer may not have known who he was and after looking him up start getting interested in Poker.

    Also Poker seems to be a Male Chauvanistic dominated sport

  3. Mean Gene

    “The Wolfman”?

  4. DanM

    Yeah, I know … I’m no fan of it either. Take it up with Huff. For now, I’m like John Cougar waiting to change my name back to Mellencamp.