(Almost) On Air: Poker Beat

by , Apr 16, 2009 | 12:28 pm

We’re going on a little early … 12:30 pacific … as former PokerNews honcho John Caldwell officially joins the crew today. Tune in live or catch the podcast later on PokerRoad.com. Also on today’s episode there’s gonna be some Dan vs. BJ action, over the relevance, facts, and significance of Mitch Garber’s reported heading to Harrah’s. The important question is, of course, which one of us is Hannity, and which is Colmes?

Dannity and Bjolmes.

3 Comments to “(Almost) On Air: Poker Beat”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    Notwithstanding the caption below the photo, I’d rather be the “Hannity.”

    Sure, he’s a stubborn, narrow-sighted asshole, but he’s also extremely rich and powerful. In my experience, it’s easier to fix one side of that equation than the other.

  2. scott diamond

    I look at that picture and it so reminds me of ” My Favorite Martian” TV show.

    You could be Ray Walston easily BJ.

  3. Jacquelineareyes

    SOO DAN!!! <3 It!!