Annie Duke Kills Jews

by , Apr 27, 2009 | 9:49 am

That’s the word … according to a YouTube commenter, Annie got herself a two-for-one on this week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, knocking out not just Melissa, but also Joan Rivers … who wasn’t even on the losing team!

Donald Trump said on Regis & Kelly this morning that Joan did quit. Next week will be the final four. 2 weeks from now is the finale.

So that leaves:

Clint Black
Jesse James
Annie Duke
Brande Roderick

UPDATE: I should probably add a question mark to the hedline, because some “inside” info has come in to say Joan will indeed be back in the mix and that my predictions below are way off. We’ll have to see …

My prediction:

4th – Clint
He’s been lucky to get this far, but ultimately can’t present for shit and has caused too much friction on his teams.

2nd 3rd – Annie
She’s impressed him the whole way. But in the end, she has to learn to get a lot more people to love her. We know she couldn’t have won, because if she had, she wouldn’t have had anything to say about Joan last week.

3rd 2nd – Jesse
Trump has kept him around trying to “figure him out” … he finally will, and in doing so will discover some reason to justify why a dude with visible tattoos can’t represent him.

1st – Brande
She shines when needed, and made a great soliloquy about how being a pretty blonde makes her have to be smarter and work harder. She also can rally the funds when necessary, and in general, well … have you seen the gold monument to his imaginary cock on the Las Vegas Strip? He’s a perv. Would also have the added benefit of letting all his Miss America contestants know that showing your buffest stuff can be an important step on the ladder to success.

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  1. Ed

    Slow poker day?

  2. DanM

    We had a busy poker weekend … and my email box is blowing up with YouTube comments.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I doubt that Joan’s really off the show, I’d guess she makes her return sometime in the 2nd hour.

  4. scott diamond

    All of the Celebs I have seen be “FIRED” have left with a bit of hurt pride, but they left professionally, even Rodman.

    Last night we saw Melissa act like some three year old, yelling at the production company and anyone else to get her “Purse” and other items because she was not coming back upstairs for her exit shoot.

    Then Joan, who must of already known what the outcome was because she had all her things in the celeb room, while watching the board room on closed circuit Tv.

    When Melissa was fired and Joan had words with Brandy and left with Melissa the true colors of the River’s family was shown to the viewers.

    Another Nazi comment in the show and I think Annie showed a lot of restraint last night from all the negative comments in the board room.

    Clint does not stand a chance in this show. Even Jesse acted like a spoiled brat last night.

    More good Apprenyice shows to come even with the Nip Tuck team gone!

  5. California Jen


    4th – Clint
    3rd – Brande
    2nd – Jesse
    1st – Annie

    Wanna try to reclaim some of your G’s to Gents losses on a Celebrity Apprentice bet?

  6. Pauly

    Definitely slow poker day.

  7. BJ Nemeth

    Dan – You haven’t been paying attention (to the show or the rumors) if you have Annie Duke out in 3rd place. Also, I think you have a typo in the first paragraph — Joan Rivers was voted off even though she wasn’t on the *losing* team.

  8. DanM

    thanks BJ for pointing out the typo (since corrected) and you are right that i haven’t been paying attention to the rumors … i have, however, been paying attention to the show itself!

  9. Ed

    So how is the swine flu going to affect this show…or hell poker?!

    POKER (thought this page needed the word poker a few more times)

  10. Poker Shrink

    I am betting that deep down some of you also believe that three card monte is played straight up and the election of the pope isn’t fixed.

  11. DanM

    ***Definitely slow poker day.***

    There is the WSOP-circuit main event going on at caesar’s right now … maybe we’ll go check it out this week.

  12. anonymous

    joan comes back. annie and joan are the final 2.

  13. bluffdiver

    I’ve never seen two people embarrass themselves on TV more than the Rivers duo on that episode. They should be humiliated after watching themselves. Grammar school kids would show more maturity than those two idiots last night. Unbelievable.

  14. hs59

    Joan and Annie the last 2 on the apprentice? By reason of funds raised, Annie is the winner right now. Remember Pier’s on last season, “Mr. Trump I have raised the most money for charity.” “You said whoever raised the most money won the game”. When you call in your bets, you win the pot. Annie is in the in the winner circle at this point.

  15. hs59

    Joan and Annie the last 2 on The Celebrity Apprentice? Annie has raised the most money for charity, thats the name of this game. Last week, Annie was holding aces and beat 2 queens. Unless someone else can beat her total funds to charity, Annie it the river card.

  16. BJ Nemeth

    I just saw the final segment of Sunday night’s episode, and Joan & Melissa Rivers embarrassed the hell out of themselves. No matter how likable Joan Rivers can be, there’s no way that the mainstream non-poker-playing public saw Melissa’s reaction as anything but that of a spoiled child.

    I like how Melissa threatened the producers by saying, “I’m not coming back for an interview!” I’m sure they were thinking, “Are you kidding? We wouldn’t air it anyway. This tantrum you’re throwing is ratings GOLD!”

  17. BJ Nemeth

    It turns out that Melissa Rivers did return for an interview, and it’s available at

    My guess is that they showed her the footage of her tantrum, and said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like a final interview to tell your side of the story?” Then they screwed Melissa by keeping the tantrum on the show, and shuffling the interview onto 🙂

    In her interview, she explains the two reasons she agreed to do the show. One was to “do good” and raise money for charity, blah, blah, blah. But the other I find far more interesting. (Remember, this was recorded *after* she was fired.)

    Melissa Rivers: “I thought it would give me an opportunity for people to see me for who I am, and not what they perceive me to be. People perceive me to be simply an appendage of my mother. They perceive me to be spoiled, um, difficult, unpleasant, and uh, not a hard worker. Which is the exact opposite of who I am.”

    I’ll concede that she works hard; no argument there. But spoiled, difficult, and unpleasant? Check, check, and check. And an appendage of her mother? I think Andrew Dice Clay nailed it on the very first episode — Time to cut that umbilical cord, ladies.

  18. DanM

    ***there’s no way that the mainstream non-poker-playing public saw Melissa’s reaction as anything but that of a spoiled child***

    BJ, I woulda thought the same thing … but check out the comments (170 of them!?!) on the youtube vid. more than 40 percent are very supportive of the Rivers girls and still super-ante-Annie. I mean it’s almost Bush-Gore, Obama-McCain kinda split:

    I also agree that Melissa’s last line really tells you all you need to know about what happens when she’s upset and things don’t go her way:

    “I want my shit NOW. I want my PURSE. I want EVERYthing!”

    That pretty much sums her up, no? And then she punctuates with an attempt to stick ‘the help’ in his place:

    “And David, you’re not getting in interview [so there, nanny-nanny-boo-boo].”

  19. BJ Nemeth

    I read the comments on the YouTube video, but don’t confuse hatred for Annie with defense of Melissa’s behavior. I’m confident that if you asked the people who hate Annie Duke on the show to describe Melissa’s behavior after being fired, the words “spoiled” and “tantrum” would come up far more often than the words “justified” and “mature.”

    We also need to remember that commenters tend to be the most passionate people on either side of an issue, and they don’t always represent (by the same percentages) the viewing public. I’d trust the Twitter trends while the show is live on the air far more than the YouTube comments, simply because the barrier to entry is so much lower — it’s far easier to Twitter your thoughts on a cellphone while watching a TV show than it is to find the YouTube video and comment on it.

    I feel much better about Annie Duke’s public perception now that she is tied so closely to Brande Roderick, who is extremely likable. (I’m 85% certain I’d say that even if she wasn’t one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met in person.)

    It’s ironic that Annie & Brande are effectively being accused of colluding, when it has been blatantly obvious in the last few boardrooms that Joan & Melissa were openly colluding in the boardroom from different teams!

  20. DanM

    I hear ya, BJ … but there are a lot of people thinking their actions were justified. Believe me, this does not make me think highly of those commentors (I mean shit, you know how little I think of our own commentors … but there’s no comparison to the youtube masses!)

    but that’s the thing … that’s why it is an issue of “your people” — and why, as annie says, we’re awesome. no poker player would ever throw that sort of tantrum. why? because we know it’s just a game, and such a move is -EV. YET … the defenses of Joan and Melissa I did read reminded me that there are plenty of people in this world who think such a tantrum IS ACCEPTABLE. shocking, i know … but hey, life is filled with landmines.

    Great point about the collusion, btw.

  21. Marvin C


    You said no poker player would through such a tantrum. How about Phil and Mike the Mouth?

    Remember, we are seeing an edited version. The one on ones are not heard by anyone in the game. And it’s just a game. Remeber Amorosa. Melissa came accross just like Amorosa. She outright lied by taking credit for other player’s ideas. She didn’t deserve to be beat on the river, she deserved to be drawing dead after the flop.

    I would have preferred if Annie played Phil’s game of trapping instead of Guss’s game. That said, she has come off as the most competent player.

    By the way, Annie’s AA didn’t beat QQ, she beat two Jokers.

  22. Uncle Ray

    I totally agree with Marvin about Phil or Mike. And the answer is the same. Sore losers make for good TV.

    Quieter moments after you’ve had time to reflect are boring TV and therefore end up on the editing floor.

    I got the impression that Melissa’s tirade was exactly what we see oh Phil on TV. We rarely get to see how good a poker player he is because his excellent play is boring to the general public but his reactions to anything that doesn’t go his way are fun to watch.

    By the way, last night I blamed the referees, the Celtics, the NBA commissioner, the gods of bad luck, TNT, and ABC wanting the defending champs to stay in the running for the Bulls loss. Upon reflection, we Chicago fans are just being Melissa Rivers. Everything was fine while we were winning, but once the final score went against us, we think we got screwed.

    Sorry. I got off the subject of poker. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  23. scott diamond

    The you Tube crowd must be a bunch of young New York Jewish kids or California rich kids defending Joan and Melissa.

    They see no problem on how the two acted because they act like that all the time.

    I am not sure of the demographics watching this show but I know most of them would not come to a forum or go to You Tube to view the comments posted by others.

    If not for me being involved with Poker coupled with me being home injured, I would not be surfing the net for comments on Celeb Apprentice.

    One of the main reasons I come here is to read BJ’s and Dan’s articulate posts.

    Hey I think this has been used before..

    BJ’s and Dan’s excellent adventures, coming to a radio show soon!

  24. Kevin Mathers

    Joan Rivers came back 7 minutes into the show, big surprise there.

  25. DanM

    Is this the finale?

  26. DanM

    Dude, I almost forgot it’s Sunday!

  27. Kevin Mathers

    3 hour finale is next week, tonight 3 people get fired. Joan’s doing occasional tweeting @joanrivers___ (that’s 3 underlines).

  28. TRUDGE R

    Well the better player pulled a Royal Flush out of her arse and snuffed the the arrogant one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES…………….. Go JOAN!!!

  29. AnnieScrewedwithSkirtON!

    Hey TRUDGE R… or should I call you Hitler…lol (oops… sorry, that just slipped out Hilter… oops, there I go again – but I guess being a Joan Fan you’re OK with the name-calling?! Good). You sound like one of these people that root for the underdog (because people that do are underdogs themselves… usually because they’re lazy and or born simple). If someone called me Hitler (to my face… I couldn’t care less over the Internet) – in the case of The Apprentice I would have held up the show until an apology came from Joan (the Jew victim… please… so sick of Jews playing that card), or I would have dropped that old bat right then and there in the board room. This last espsode was so fixed. Even BOTH of Trump’s kids said right there… live tonight that Annie was the best Player. So TRUDGE R… U keep on trudging through life and keep sticking up for the loser underdogs (meaning yourself)… I’m sure it’s served you well thus far. I’d send you a Neilsnotes… and Annie’s Charity gets $10,000. from me tonight. G’nite Loser.

  30. DanM

    Interesting comment from Entertainment Weekly:

    Stephanie Sun, May 10, 2009 at 11:35 PM EST

    I was thoroughly disgusted by this outcome, and for the first time, could care less if I ever watch this agian, the ‘fix’ was so apparent and transparent. Now I feel like the fool for watching. I’ve always had respect for Mr. Trump until now, but his choice of a woman that did not do the best job; who quit; whose behavior was despicable, was not right. Joan Rivers is not a role model, nor a deserving Celebrity Apprentice. Any of the other candidates had more class that Joan or Melissa. I wish Annie had punched Joan when Joan put her arm around Annie at the finale – that was terrible of her to do that.

  31. BJ Nemeth

    I just want to make it clear to everyone that the comment that Dan highlighted isn’t from one of Entertainment Weekly’s writers. It’s just a random comment left by a random fan.

    There are a lot of similar sentiments (although much more succinct) on Twitter.

  32. Steve

    “so sick of Jews playing that card”

    Oh pooh hoh. FUCK YOU. Annie Duke is Jewish too. Of course, you don’t care. You only see what you want to see.

    And again, FUCK YOu.

  33. Juan Trik Ponie

    The right person won.

    While I’m not a big fan of Joan Rivers, Trump made the right call. She may have been called a great game player by Trump, his son and daughter, but there were tons of signs that they weren’t keen on her behind the scene plays. In the end, the total package was more important than the sum of their parts.

    On several episodes, each made comments to the effect that they were aware of how Annie was manipulating her teammates and playing both sides against each other. And at the end of the day, they voted that character and integrity matter.

    People say, “It’s just business”, but Trump knows that even though you may be able to be successful in the beginning with such tactics,, you’ll never get a shot at closing others once your true colors are shown.

    In poker, they call it a one trick pony. Annie may have fooled some of the players once, but in the end, everyone she played against knew the cards she was holding.

    I always thought Daniel Negreanu was too hard on her when he said she was disingenuous, a manipulator and back stabber. I owe Daniel a big apology. He had it right all along.

    And I can’t deny that while watching the end of the show on HULU, I did rewind the last minute and play it back a few times. Watching Annie bring her folded hands together up on the table when she thought Trump was about to announce her the winner, then watching the surprised look on her face when he told her she was fired was like finding a twenty dollar bill in a pocket of a sports coat you haven’t worn in a while.

    All is right with the world.