Celebrity Apprentice Update?

by , Apr 6, 2009 | 1:17 am

Doh … I missed it this week. Anyone wanna fill me in? Annie’s still alive, surely, right? Any pokery guest appearances?

4 Comments to “Celebrity Apprentice Update?”

  1. Kevin Mathers


    Looks like you missed a good one.

  2. BJ Nemeth

    Visit Hulu.com, which has the entire episode available. But seriously, how in the world do you not have a TiVo?


  3. DanM

    Nice! I do have Tivo … but I’m never sure what it does and doesn’t record — it sometimes has a mind of its own.

    Thanks for the Hulu, though! Seriously, it hasn’t become defacto thought yet when missing a show to check out Hulu. I’m sure it will, though.

  4. Jason B

    Okay, quick recap. The teams got split up in the sexes. So they had to make a female friendly “viral” youtube video for laundry detergent. Both teams failed miserably, and they fired 2 people. Annie had no significant importance in this episode. It was more a battle between Joan Rivers and Clint Black. (The weirdest cat fight Ive ever seen!!!! And I watch wrestling.) Needless to say, the running theme was alcohol related “youre fired” speeches ……