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Three guys who really need to hear from you

by , Apr 20, 2009 | 2:11 pm

While looking through the list … I realized there are a few people on that committee whom we might need to be extra ass-kissy persuasive with. Most specifically:


Rep. Brian McCall (R-Plano) — He’s the chair, so he has the power to make our lives difficult. He’s also a very moderate Republican … so he’s open to our ideas, but you may recall we (poker people) unpleasantly bumped heads with him back in 2007. He doesn’t respond well to threats of not voting for him because he won’t go a certain way on a single issue. So the key with McCall is to let him know that yes, this may be a single issue that matters to you personally, but really it might well matter to Texans who don’t even play poker — because of the revenue it stands to generate, the police and DA resources it stands to free up, the state-pride freedom it represents, and the protection it offers citizens who are attending unsafe underground games or even being robbed in their own homes.

Again, all we are really asking is that they help make sure this issue gets a vote — that’s all we want! — so we can see if indeed the voice of the people lines up with everything polls and anecdotal opinions are telling us.

McCall is also on the Culture, Recreation, and Tourism committee … so any of you influential non-Texans who might want to let him now what legal poker in Texas could bring to the state beyond just poker rooms, he’s likely to be receptive to that idea.



Two others that may need some extra arm-twisting: Rep. Allan Ritter (D-Beaumont/Port Arthur/Nederland) and Rep. Jim McReynolds (D-Lufkin). These guys are conservative Democrats in tough districts, so they may be wary of losing votes. Ritter is also on the Technology, Economic Development, and Workforce committee … so stress the jobs angle with him. And McReynolds is chair of the Corrections committee … so knowing HB 222 would make life easier on police and prosecutors will likely carry some weight with him.

Here’s the easy email-Congress link. C’mon poker players … we aren’t just scatter-shooting here and hoping for the best. Now is the time. We flopped a set but flush and straight draws are out there … it’s time to push.

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