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by , Apr 23, 2009 | 1:18 pm

Dr. Pauly joins the mix today … and he and I will be talking about the all-important topic of Celebrity Apprentice. Gary and BJ will be talking about the less important 38 percent drop in field size for the WPT Championship:

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    If Natalie Gulbis had contacted Daniel Negreanu…

  2. Devin

    Does the pokerbeat deliberately rip off the hardcore poker radio show for content, or is it just accidental? Every week pretty much they do the same topics the day before you do

  3. DanM

    Devin … kinda. We do not necessarily pay much attention to HPRS — I have listened to it, and enjoyed half of it — however, the topics of the week are the topics of the week. Now where do these stories come from? Well, the WPT Championship comes from the Bellagio, where BJ is, spending hour after hour watching hundreds and hundreds of hands … writing, taking pictures, etc.

    Pauly made his debut this week, and he was talking about the LAPT. He was in Argentina and Mexico for the different events, and regularly travels the world covering similar events that provide him perspective. Did HPRS have anybody there?

    As for me, when we are talking politics … yes, these are the issues that all sorts of poker media and non-poker-media are talking about. Honestly, all I do is study it all a little more than most. Nationally, we take pride in occasionally breaking a story here at Pokerati … and on the state level, not to give away my sources, but I’m actively involved with the political effort, which generally gives me a heads-up on forthcoming news.

    As to Celebrity Apprentice … well c’mon, that’s just a big national TV show that people all across the country are watching, and one of the stars happens to have regular interaction with many people involved with PokerRoad radio.

    Do I need to go on? It’s just a matter of scheduling … BJ, Pauly, myself, Gary (from ESPN), Chops (from Wicked Chops), and Matt (editor of Bluff) are often the ones getting the stories that other people write about and talk about during their show. HPRS is on Wednesday, we are on Thursday. Why, because we are usually busy Wednesday digging up the stories that the other shows will talk about next week. Not to pat our own backs, but it’s just true. That’s what we do — for putzes good, well-meaning readers and listeners like you! — and, imho, that’s what makes The Poker Beat special, is that it brings together the guys on the frontlines of poker-related action to talk shop, for your public listening pleasure.

    I’m going to assume you were leaving out the extra-heavy Shronk coverage in this week’s episode, too … you know, where the guys who produce the show spent many minutes discussing their actual radio-production teammate and fallen comrade.

    I’m sorry, what was your point again?

    Oh, right, rip off … no, we don’t rip them off. However, if they came up with something unique, different, special, etc. at least one of us might try to well then maybe we would follow in someone else’s content footsteps.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    I’m waiting for the Poker Beat to do a Phil Hellmuth interview or play Joe Navarro clips.

    Just because one show discusses something that’s out there in the poker community doesn’t mean they own the exclusive rights to discuss it.

  5. DanM

    Sorry, the above may have been a bit unprofessionally defensive. What I meant to say was: Of course we don’t, silly, LOL!

    I just happened to be all charged up when I wrote it after watching this fun video found at Wicked Chops:

  6. Johnny Hughes

    News media, including this site, one of my favorites, always discuss the same leading news stories. Would one newspaper not expect all newspapers to discuss the Madoff scandal or the top news of the day? Leno and Letterman often joke on the same topic.

    The accusation was child-like, unlearned, revealing, and possibly anti-Texan.

    When Lyndon Johnson became President, he had his first press conference. To one question Lyndon said, “That is a chicken-shit question.” Well, that was a chicken-shit question. Made Dan hotter than a depot stove.

  7. scott diamond

    Devin, did you really think about what you posted before you sat down to the keyboard?

    Hey I am reporting here the Lakers Lost 88-86 last night!oops I copied it from ESPN.

    Take Care

  8. GaryW

    fwiw, I’ve never listened to HCPR. If we’re stealing topics, it’s news to me.

  9. Pauly

    I echo Gary’s sentiments.

  10. Charly19

    Another fan for the Hellmuth-interview right here!
    Keep up the good work, people.

  11. Rob Pizzo

    Hey Guys,
    I am actually one of the hosts of the Hardcore Poker show, when I read this, I immediately wanted to respond. First off, we are a huge fans of pokerati, how did i find this discussion??
    I was doing reseasrch for the show!!
    Devin, while i appreciate that you are a fan/listener of teh show, i have never seen any stealing, it is exaclty what everyone (dan included) stated, we are all chasing the same news!
    There is a big difference between “breaking” stories and reporting news.
    I go on Pokerati (any MANY other poker sites) every day to keep up with all of the poker news. If Pokerati “breaks” a story and we talk about it on the show, we will ALWAYS give credit (as sites give credit to us when we break news)

    I just felt the need to post because I knew exactly what Dan felt like! our show once got accused of “stealing” news from because we gave the results of the Durr challenge!!

    In my time dealing with poker media, everyone seems to have a general respect for eachother, and i really hope this continues!

    Rob Pizzo