Why are there different rules …

by , Apr 26, 2009 | 4:40 pm

Why are there different rules at a WSOP Circuit event than the actual WSOP? Late entry to WSOP=full stack, WSOP-C your missed blinds are taken.

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  1. DanM

    ***Late entry to WSOP=full stack***

    Are you sure about that, Goldfarb? I always thought Hellmuth was blinded off during his main event late arrivals.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    That’s because he surely was registered well in advance. Robert’s query is in regards to those who sign up late.

  3. Robert Goldfarb

    If you register in advance, your stack at your assigned table will be blinded off. (WSOP or WSOP-C) If you register after the start of the tournament at the WSOP you are given a full starting stack. During the current WSOP-C event at Caesars, if you buy in after the start of the event they are taking an approximate amount of blinds that you would have missed (if you had registered before the start) and you get less than a full stack. I just don’t understand why they have different rules/procedures. Poker needs uniformity and consistency in order to continue to grow.

  4. DanM

    I think the answer is that the Rio staff runs the WSOP, and the Caesar’s staff runs the WSOP-C.

    But I don’t think it’s asking too much for some uniformity at least within the Harrah’s empire and WSOP brand.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Robert, last year they drew 334 for the Main Event, guesses on what it’ll be today? I’ll take a guess at 265.

  6. zachdealer

    I can tell you first hand as a dealer it all depends on who is the tournament director. Every WSOP circuit has a different director with a different crew of dealers, slightly twisted house rules for each stop in the circuit.

    Listen to this rule, I enforced this one in San Diego (If a player on the river has the absolute nuts and is last to act and said player does not raise or bet then they are penalized, sit out 1 round.)

  7. Kevin Mathers

    I assume it’s automatic penalty you have a question with? I know someone at one of the early WSOP events last year checked behind with a royal flush and got a warning.

  8. Kevin Mathers

    Looks like I was a bit optimistic for today’s 5k, according to Pokerpages there’s about 120 signed up so far.

  9. Poker Shrink

    Not betting the nuts is either a rookie mistake (warning) or soft play (automatic penalty) if you can’t figure out which it is, then I go with the auto penalty.

  10. grunkzzz

    Yeah even the WSOP-C’s have different rules at the different locations, it is annoying.

  11. DanM

    So really … why is that, that the Venetian Deep Stacks would see a slight increase, while the Caesar’s Circuit sees what is arguably one of the most noticeable decreases all year?

  12. David Alexander

    Or it could be like what happened
    to me once…

    (crazy to admit)

    At Bally’s…

    didn’t realize
    it and when the board double paired

    on the river…

    I thought… Good grief…

    I’m beat… Unbelievable

    Turns out…

    Had a Royal Flush..

    I made an extra $500 bonus..

    Sometimes you don’t look back
    at your hole cards…

    And are tired from playing 14
    hours straight, and up almost 24.

  13. Kevin Mathers

    Final figure for Caesars Palace was 187. EPT’s Grand Final in Monte Carlo, which is now underway, will break last year’s 842 figure easily.