Celebrity Apprentice Sunday

by , May 3, 2009 | 6:29 pm

An LOL from @TexDolly:

Joan Rivers is so dumb she named her Zebra Spot

I think the finale is tonight The semi-finals are tonight … I can tell people are starting to watch it on the east coast. Doyle Brunson’s watching it, too, apparently, but I guess he’s got some special cable/satellite hook-up that doesn’t make him wait for the same time-zone delay that has me waiting.

(And yes, I’m waiting. Apparently Pokeratizens got it wrong when, pre-episode 1, we thought the only show it would beat ratings-wise was World Poker Tour reruns. Turns out to be one of the hot shows of the year worldwide, even among non-poker people — much because of the Annie Duke/Joan Rivers disrepute.)

5 Comments to “Celebrity Apprentice Sunday”

  1. bluffdiver

    Actually, WPT reruns do quite well. Again proving your ignorance.

  2. DanM

    define quite well …

    and i’m not saying any particular show did badly, i’m saying based on our votes of what we were going to be watching a month ago, WPT reruns seemed to be the least-important-to-see TV.

    p.s. infomercials don’t count the same as real TV.

  3. Marvin C

    Sorry but the ratings are pretty low. USA Today publishes the Neilson ratings every Wednesday. Apprentence has averaged being #31 of the weekly shows. It gets about 8,000,000 viewers on network TV. No poker show on cable has gotten into the top 15 which takes about 3,000,000 viewers in a non major event week. Wrestling usually leads the cable ratings except during football season.

    It’s “Game On” between Annie and Joan. I hope Annie gets AA and Joan gets 7-2 off.

  4. DanM

    How does CA rank amongst Reality Shows?

    8 million sounds like a lot.

  5. Marvin C

    Most “Reality” shows are on cable. On network TV; Survivor was #12 with 11.3 million; Amazing Race was #16 with 10.3 million; and Biggest Loser was #22 with 9.3 million.

    If you count Idol and Dancing as Reality shows, Idol was #1 and #2 with 24 an 23.9 million and Dancing was #3 and #4 with 20.5 and 14.7 million.