Celebrity Apprenticize Your Twitter

by , May 10, 2009 | 6:50 pm

Annie Duke vs. Joan Rivers tonight … (getting underway live … we West Coasters have to wait a bit). I’m still not sure whether or not they’ve already done their task … my guess is they have, so tonight, “live”, is the final boardroom. Either way, @TexDolly is having fun coming up with some “Boo Joan!” doozies:

Joan Rivers got trapped on an escalator. The power went out,
12:45 PM May 8th from web

Joan Rivers has a concussion. She was getting a drink and the toilet seat fell on her head.12:27 PM May 9th from web

Meanwhile, you can follow Annie (@RealAnnieDuke), and probably even better, her boyfriend (@JoeUgly), before-during-after tonight’s finale. Likewise for @JoanRivers___.

Others on-set or nearby:
@CelebApprentice (@MelRivers and @brandenroderick got the official tweeting gigs)

36 Comments to “Celebrity Apprenticize Your Twitter”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Trying not to spoil, but the people you’ve listed haven’t been tweeting during the event.

    Annie and Joan are on the stages semi-sequestered so they’re not tweeting either.

  2. DanM

    yeah, i recognized that … but i suspect there will be some good tweeting later, and the morning readers might enjoy it. we’ll see … either that, or it will be a vibrant example of a Twitter dud.

  3. Marvin C

    Annie lost. As Clint said, it was the editing. I think Annie never had a chance. There’s more in it for The Donald with Joan.

    Annie missed a chance when she didn’t invoke the fact that the owner or Cirque is a poker player and plays for charity.

  4. DanM

    Well gee, we West Coast people sure appreciate that comment, Marvin. Good info to know 7 minutes into the broadcast.

    I figured Annie had a better shot, because intrinsically, a 40ish intern seems more valuable than a 70something intern. I also thought Trump would have more future interest in connections to internet gambling than connections to a washed-up generation of vegas-hollywooders.

    I also figured Pokerati commentors would be smart enough not to blow it for all of us I’d be smart enough not to check my email during the show!

  5. Kevin Mathers

    The last 5 minutes are still must see though Dan.

  6. DanM

    LOL, a tweet from @ToddBrunson:

    Go joan!!!!!!12 minutes ago from txt

  7. DanM

    Celebrity Apprentice is rigged.

  8. DanM

    Joan Rivers = superuser

  9. Ed

    this post = ghey

  10. bustyredhead

    joan rivers acted like a spoiled child who thinks her s*** doesn’t stink. one would hope that Trump would not reward her behavior. but then, one knows he’ll look like a chump for firing a 75 year old woman, which is a cop out attitude.

    it should go to the better apprentice.. that’s Annie Duke.

  11. phrankerCO

    Booo… Celeb Apprentice sucks. What the hell is Joan going to do, she is already famous and her daughter and her are washed up losers. I want Annie to win, it would help poker and her so much more than it would Joan. Also, the above poster is correct, the owner of Circue is Guy Librete and he is indeed a poker player and has played on Poker After Dark (NBC show as is Celeb Apprentice) and was playing for charity, something to do with water (forget the charity name).

  12. BJ Nemeth

    I forgot I set my TiVo to start recording a minute early, so the final decision wasn’t announced until *after* 11:00 pm on the East Coast. If you’re recording it on the West Coast, set your TiVo/VCR to tape an extra few minutes.

    I’ve been following the tweets in the Twitter trends, and the Twitterverse seems split roughly 50-50 as to people happy with the result and people displeased with the result.

  13. Kevin Mathers

    Here’s a comment from a Twitterer:

    I’d like to thank Donald Trump for giving Joan Rivers the opportunity to help recruit a whole new generation of Holocaust deniers.

    That’s Andy Bloch with that rationalization…

    It’ll be intriguing to see how the poker community comments on the decision.

  14. Mean Gene

    The moral of this story is to never put yourself in a position where Donald Trump is in control of your destiny.

  15. Cluemeister


  16. Marvin C

    Sorry to those on the left coast. I forgot that you see everything but sporting events on a delayed basis.

    Remember that this wasn’t a poker game where at the showdown, the best hand wins. Here, we saw a very edited version and it’s an entertainment and political decision. Decisions were based on ratings.

    They had to create a conflict or ratings would have sunk. One of the first things the Donald said tonight was that the show was renewed for next year.

    Other than Joan, most of the people on the show are unknown outside their specific universe. How many nonpoker players know Annie? How many people know what Jesse does, and actually he does it quite successfully.

    Unless there is a poker player next year, I won’t be watching.

  17. Cluemeister

    Celebrity Apprentice is Hollywood – fake, plastic, and shallow. Note that none of the guests on the show threw Joan under the bus, because blacklisting is alive and well in Tinseltown. Annie just doesn’t have enough “juice”.
    Trump’s casinos are losing money, and this won’t help… he won’t EVER get any of my poker money or viewership again.

  18. Marvin C

    Trump has given up all of his interests in the casinos and is trying to have them remove his name.

  19. DanM

    OK, show’s not over … but I think Joan didn’t win Annie lost.

  20. DanM

    OK, Trump wins … he got Annie to give up such a big tell.

  21. BJ Nemeth

    That wasn’t a tell, it was an early celebration.

    She closely studied last season, when Trump likely said, “You’re hired,” instead of “You’re fired.” She felt she deserved to win, so she expected to hear it. But once Trump dismissed all of her boardroom arguments, she should have seen the writing on the wall.

  22. DanM

    Does anyone think it’s possible UB might have come into play? Surely the Trump people did some vetting — he didn’t want another Miss America situation … and had she won, without a doubt all the Annie haters woulda eventually found a way to peg her in a really bad light (whether justified or not).

    Just sayin’ … she mighta gotten lucky.

  23. BJ Nemeth

    I think you’re really overestimating the public’s interest. Annie didn’t design the UB software, nor was she ever accused of any wrongdoing. (Not even whispers or rumors.)

    I think that Trump’s producers would view all of the online poker sites as pretty much the same. If they accept the concept of online poker (which they clearly did), then the UB scandal wouldn’t even be a consideration.

  24. DanM

    I do agree that all of poker was kinda lumped together … it seemed Trump didn’t have a hard time buying the “mafia” thing.

    But that’s my point … “the masses are asses” … and thus no one would do the necessary research to delineate where Annie was and was not involved.

    I’m not saying it’s a certainty … just speculating it as a possibility. Annie obviously did a wonderful job. But I think she coulda won it with a different closing argument … and therein lies the real question I’m touching on: Would a different, er, final table performance for Annie have produced different results?

  25. BJ Nemeth

    Another thing I noticed on Twitter …

    If you read the stuff that people are writing to @RealAnnieDuke (7,800 followers), it’s all positive messages of support (100%), or moaning about how Trump got it wrong or judged the competition unfairly.

    If you read the stuff that people are writing to @JoanRivers___ (11,500 followers), the majority of it is positive, but a few tweets are mixed in (5% or so?) that are upset that Joan won.

    Clearly, this doesn’t mean much and matters not at all. But I find it interesting nonetheless. Twitter is fascinating because it’s like eavesdropping on live conversations and people’s thoughts around the world. Truly instant feedback in a way that was never before possible.

  26. DanM

    At this moment, here are the most popular Twitter “trends”:

    Saved Searches

    Trending Topics

    * Apple Shampoo
    * Joan Rivers
    * Celebrity Apprentice
    * #musicmonday
    * #goodgirlsgobad
    * Happy Mothers Day
    * #startrek
    * Goodnight
    * Annie Duke
    * #familyforce5

    Apple shampoo?

  27. BJ Nemeth

    The fix was in long before the closing arguments. Having said that, Annie could have put forward a much better argument. Once it was obvious that Trump was blaming the Event Planner (“He was overwhelmed!”), Annie should have let it go. Defensiveness doesn’t come across well in the boardroom.

    But Joan’s closing argument was a mess.

    Regarding UB, if one of Trump’s producers or a newspaper writer said, “Hey boss, apparently, the company that sponsors Annie Duke was involved in a scandal where one of the owners cheated people out of money.” “Really? What was Annie’s involvement?” “Um … she wasn’t involved at all.” That pretty much kills the story.

    If you want to write a hatchet job on Annie, sure, you could include it. But hatchet jobs in the mainstream media are usually reserved for politics and superstars, and not reality TV shows. (Let’s face it, even with this show, they’re all B-listers at best.)

  28. DanM

    ***Let’s face it, even with this show, they’re all B-listers at best***

    Hey, she did have Hollywood Dave there!

  29. Kevin Mathers

    That was a pretty brutal slowroll by The Donald at the end on Annie. When Piers won last year, Donald said something along the lines of “Piers, you’re the Celebrity Apprentice”, so I assume Annie was hoping for something along those lines.

  30. Johnny Hughes

    Annie Duke raised three times the money Grand Canyon Face raised. It was supposed to be about fund raising for charity.

    After that, everything was rigged for the woman who gave the Lippenzaner Stallions herpes. It was so obviously rigged. Two of Annie’s team turned on her, the unfunny, pathetic comic who should be arrested for impersonating a comic, and cross-dresser Dennis Rodman whose lines against Annie were so obviously written.

    Annie showed a lot of class, especially when the World War Two camp follower whore called all poker players Mafia.

    Donald Trump manufactured insults to all poker players. Keep that in mind! Bear a grudge.

    Johnny Hughes

  31. scott diamond

    I had a funny feeling when Annie picked Tom Greene and then Dennis Rodman.

    Tom was terrible on this show in the beginning and had a terrible work ethic. Here is a guy who has made a little money for himself over the years, yet when the Kodak rep was explaining the picture frame to Annie’s team, Tom was more interested in getting ONE for free. Annie asked him to settle down and Tom had this strange look on his face. That’s when I knew Annie was in trouble tonight.

    Plus Donald is partial to blondes:)

    I never was much of a Donald fan and tonight sealed the deal, DONALD were Tired………………of you.

  32. DanM

    “slowrolled” really is a pretty perfect description of donald’s declaration of the winner. makes me feel annie’s pain all the more strongly … can you imagine playing a game for weeks, waiting months for the showdown … and THEN getting slowrolled to learn you lost?


  33. Marvin C

    The final challenge didn’t matter. The Donald had made the decision before the board room. Those that liked Joan liked her for who she is, not what she did. Those that liked Annie liked her for what she did. The Donald had to make it best out of five instead of all or nothing so Joan could win.

    If I were Annie, I would have picked Mellisa instead of Tom and let Joan deal with Tom, but she would have taken Joan’s right hand man, or girl. I would have sat Mellisa down and told her to keep quiet and do nothing and not included her in any decisions. Would have been more interesting.

  34. DanM

    The one element of gameplay that I hated but thought was impressive by Joan was when she wouldn’t let Annie air her peace. Joan was smart to not let Annie get into her head in any way — keeping it all business and about the game — even though I suspect that was Annie’s genuine attempt to speak personally to her, not engaging in any gameplay.

  35. Ed

    Ok there is not escape from this. 🙂 Boss just walked by and he knows we (Tim and I) play poker. Says “Annie Duke was robbed last night.” I guess that is one more chalked up for Annie and it came from a non-pokery person.

  36. DanM

    That’s the spirit, Ed!