Dream Team Poker Event Added to 2009 WSOP

by , May 19, 2009 | 2:44 pm

The WSOP continues to move in an Olympic-like direction … as they just added another non-bracelet exhibition event … Dream Team Poker. (Didn’t we talk about this on an episode of The Poker Beat? I seem to remember someone — me? — saying we should have non-bracelet, exhibition events at the WSOP … and someone else — BJ? Gary? — saying maybe, but we definitely won’t see it this year at the Series.) I could be wrong on my show recall … but regardless, July 12-13 will be another team poker event — this one a $500+60 x 3.


Bracelet or not, should prove to be a popular alternative to a $1,500 donkament or, from an individual perspective, one of the many $500 deep stack tourneys around town at the same time. The first 300 pre-registered teams get personalized jerseys, which sounds silly and unimportant, but really is a cool little touch.

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18 Comments to “Dream Team Poker Event Added to 2009 WSOP”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I guess someone told the Commish what Dream Team Poker was, remember during the conference call someone brought up this question and it got shot down?

  2. Team Poker

    Actually the answer to the team event question on the conference call was “there will not be a team event that is part of our bracelet event lineup this year.”

  3. F-Train

    I remain unimpressed with Dream Team Poker. A WSOP exhibition may get them a few extra eyeballs, but I don’t think it’s going to make much difference to the success or failure (I’m leaning failure) of the concept. It just seems too gimmicky, and not exactly a strong revenue-realizing concept — the ultimate bottom-line.

  4. California Jen

    The Commish seemed pretty certain that there wouldn’t be one at the WSOP this year… Wonder what changed his mind…

    I’m actually kinda looking forward to seeing one of these events. I agree with F-Train that it’s a bit gimmicky, but if the players have fun, then what’s the harm? My big concern is that many in the poker community already did it…once or twice. I doubt many of them will do it again, though the DTP people might be hoping to wrangle some of the WSOP fans, satellite winners, etc. In that case, however, they should have done it closer to the beginning days of the main event, not after the majority of players have packed up and gone home.

  5. DanM

    I think you guys are so wrong … not sure what F-train didn’t see at Caesar’s, but Jen, you’re just uninitiated.

    This event will be a HUGE success … feel free to make me eat my words if I am wrong. They will hit 300 teams with no problem.

    Team poker as a concept has been trying to emerge for years … it’s an add-on to the game of poker that wants to happen.

    Here’s a comparison … gymnastics. Sure, there’re always a few individual performances that stand out. but that team medal is still a big daddy. something cool to know that even if you totally fail you can still get the gold. but if too many of you fail, you can hurt your own superstar.

    ok, bad comparison … but team poker doesn’t mess up poker as it currently is. it just enhances it … without any crazy new card stuff or gimmicky rules.

  6. F-Train

    To me, it’s a one-and-done thing.

    Even if it’s not, however, the bottom line remains “Can this make money?” Ask yourself how many exemption DTP provided in the previous events. Ask how many they’ll provide for this one. Then figure in all the other costs DTP has — costs that a standard Strip poker room doesn’t have when running a $500 tournament of their own. (You think Harrah’s is letting them set up shop for free?) Starts to look like another poker money pit…

  7. DanM

    Ah, you are plausibly right about that … the money-making component. But I wouldn’t expect too many freerolls in the WSOP event … too many people will want to pay to play. It’s right there, it will be relatively cheap …

    I also noticed they added $10 to the entry fee. So if they hit that 300 mark, that would be, er … $9,000 more.

    OK, I’m pulling back on my insta-enthusiasm that this will be a “HUGE” success. There are too many intangibles out there — basically what else is going on that day. But here’s my prediction: this won’t be the last team poker event at the WSOP.

  8. California Jen

    From what I know of it, DTP’s revenue hopes are long term. After several high profile events (the WSOP one being key), they can market the concept to casinos and card rooms that would – in theory – pay for the rights to host a Dream Team Poker event at their establishment, much like casinos pay for the WPT. I think it’s plausible.

    300 teams, Dan? I’ll take the under.

  9. DanM

    Ah, Jen, the WSOP prop bets start already!



  10. California Jen

    $20 it is. Bring on the prop bets!

  11. Pauly

    I talked to Shaniac. He wants to reprise our team. Are you in Dan?

  12. DanM

    Theoretically, sure. Let’s hash out details on the next episode of Tao of Pokerati.

  13. scott diamond

    I was one of the fortunate one’s to be able to play the Dream Team Event in March. For me, it was a great opportunity to sit with some very very good Poker players and be able to play with some professional player’s that I would never have the opportunity to.

    I see it being successful if the pro’s like the Hellmuths, Seif’s,and Gold’s of the industry continue to play.

    The event in March was larger than the organizer’s could ever anticipate and they did an amazing job putting all the player’s in team jersey’s in a short period of time.

    Team Poker is a great concept and I am sure there will be 300 players easily for July’s event!

  14. Kevin Mathers

    I believe you meant 300 teams Scott, but I’m sure they’ll break 200 teams easily, although 300 may be stretching it a bit.

  15. F-Train

    they can market the concept to casinos and card rooms that would – in theory – pay for the rights to host a Dream Team Poker event at their establishment, much like casinos pay for the WPT.

    Except casinos are dropping WPT because they realize they don’t need to pay WPT to come in and run tournaments for them (even televised tournaments). I would think that applies doubly for a $500 tournament, unique format or not.

  16. DanM

    the fact that WPT-like TV deals are not at issue is what makes me like the possibilities here.

    if you can bring x-hundred people to a poker room for anything, there is a deal to be worked out. after all, you saw it, Caesar’s cash tables were BUMPIN’ with dream team going on … that’s where it becomes worth CP’s while.

    I don’t know the details of the monetary breakdown for DTP, but the company is clearly not going for a quick-hit of easy cash. That leaves me to believe they will continually find the right win-wins to keep on going.

    In general, I think three of anything in a row, each one growing … is a very good sign. With that said, the WSOP will be a big test of their sustainability … a test, as mentioned above, I’m willing to bet DTP will pass.

  17. Jeffrey Pollack

    We think Dream Team will be a big hit this summer. And, I believe I said in my conference call with Jack that team poker wouldn’t be a bracelet event any time soon….That obviously didn’t rule out a non-bracelet team event this summer.

    The folks at Dream Team are very smart and innovative. We’re happy to be in business with them!

    See everyone at the Rio next week!




  18. David Alexander


    I guess 300 teams should be easy…..

    It’s got me calling a couple friends..

    That likely wouldn’t be in Vegas during that time
    for the event…

    So, the play here is more people there…

    Eventually as more people are their…

    That creates more revenue…

    In the seminar business it’s called butts in the

    And how much you can sell per hour to each butt in the

    Especially if a friends start calling others and say..

    Hey I’m covering the airfare and hotel come one…
    Lets get in this tourney…

    And what’s the percentage of repeat business for these

    What % of the rake/food do they get for the WSOP as they bring
    more folks into those rooms…

    Just the beginning..