Event 2 Finds 201 Entrants, President Obama Not One of Them

by , May 28, 2009 | 4:15 pm

The final numbers for the big $40K NLHE event were released just after the first break of the day:

Number of Entries: 201
Net Prize Pool: $7,718,400
First Place Prize: $1,891,012
Total Spots Paid Out: 27

The vast majority of big names seems to be here – Scotty, Phil, Jesus, Annie, you get the picture. But one player who was specifically invited by Jeffrey Pollack to come to the WSOP anytime to play any event was not in the field. President Barack Obama evidently had more important things to do than spend the day at the Rio, despite his ownership of a new personalized WSOP jacket. Pollack talks about it about around the 3:45 mark on this Raw Vegas video from the May 27 “Sucking Out on the Rivers” charity tournament hosted by Annie Duke.

Watch Annie Dukes Sucking Out On The Rivers Charity Poker Event on RawVegas.tv

[Speaking of Duke, is there a reason that her opinion about things like American Idol matter so greatly now? I’m not sure I like understand the trend.]

One Comment to “Event 2 Finds 201 Entrants, President Obama Not One of Them”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    That’s one scary freeze-frame there. Should I know those cross-dressers?

    Of course her opinion matters. Once you’ve done prime-time reality teevee, your every word is recorded till the end of time. Go watch Idiocracy.