Football vs. Football

by , May 14, 2009 | 3:04 am

Semi-related to poker … was working on a post over at Soccerati (our baby brother site), about how an online gambling op ( has come in to buy up the jersey space on two English Premier League teams. It just seems kinda funny to me — considering that the NFL is so anti-online gambling, and the EPL is so pro. Soccer in general seems to have totally embraced the online gambling biz. Such a clear distinction between American football and European football.

In fact … check this out … you have very major teams across the pond (and a few minor ones) that have direct links and betting pages on their official sites. The Spurs, for example, are supposedly working with their sponsor Mansion to develop a Tottenham skin, and already host weekly freerolls for game tickets.

Two Peyton Mannings?

The people making money off Peyton Manning jerseys hate online poker; meanwhile the other kind of football teams proudly support it — or are being supported by it.

Now you know I’m not much of a boycotter — really, I generally think they’re stupid and ineffective — but it does occur to irk me how much “free advertising” poker players give NFL teams by wearing their jerseys. Considering that American football gives nothing back to poker, and in fact subtracts from it … maybe it might be time for poker players to hang up their lucky Tony Romo jerseys, ya know? Just sayin’ … all it takes is watching a little soccer to realize how wearing any NFL promotion at the WSOP wouldn’t be too different from wearing a Bill Frist or Jim Leach campaign button un-ironically.

6 Comments to “Football vs. Football”

  1. scott diamond

    So Dan what you are really saying here is for us to go out and spend some of our poker winnings on a new Soccer jersey and wear it when we play Poker?


  2. Phil

    The NFL/EPL divide over online gambling sites boggles the mind. How can one advanced country embrace sports gambling like religion (UK) while another (USA) opts to shove it in a dark corner. The NFL loves beer soaked fans and advertising dollars but completely ignores the sport bettor. I agree that an NFL protest/boycott by sports bettors and poker players is on order. Sign me up.

  3. Johnnymac

    What EPL team is known as THE Spurs? LOL

    I know, American English and English English are different in many subtle ways. I still struggle with the collective conjugation (ie “Tottenham ARE playing well these days.”) which just never sounds quite right to my American ears.

    But seriously, excellent point about Poker players “endorsing” the NFL’s prudery. As my IAG co-blogger Fro points out, the big difference is the respective laws in the countries, but the NFL could pull some weight if it ever decided things needed to be changed.

    Nice post – American sports could learn a lot from European football. (I’d personally love to see some sort of relegation applied to baseball…)

  4. DanM

    Funny, I actually thought about that and wondered … THE spurs that is. I’ll justify my soccer donkishness for now by simply saying, hey, what colour are their kits?

    And not to get too soccery in this post, but wouldn’t relegation in baseball be FANTASTIC? (or is it fantastique?) I likewise would like to see red and yellow cards at the WSOP … but I think that suggestion is falling on deaf American ears.

  5. scott diamond

    Hellmuth would not only have 11 bracelets, he would have the most RED cards also..:)

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