Googoo for Gaga

by , May 21, 2009 | 7:13 pm

Currently listening to the piano version of Lady Gaga’s PokerFace:

Ahh, just what I needed! Not sure if this version is by my favorite poker-minded pop-star bisexual or just a cover by Randy Newman’s kid sister … but regardless, the song was starting to get a little stale, and now this keeps it temporarily fresh.

DJ DaKnish is pimpin’ the original, too, on
(?) should you want to compare.

4 Comments to “Googoo for Gaga”

  1. scott diamond

    Off track here a bit but since I cannot post a thread here, How come wisehandpoker is not one of your Content partners get Gary off his Canadian posteria!
    I am not a hip hop guy but I kinda enjoyed the Music in Lacy’s last poker Video. It’s good on the Ipod.

  2. DanM

    Bah-bah-bah-bah … bluffin with my muffin … oh oh oh oh! Oh, sorry … just singing in the pre-shower here …

    Scott, “content partners” are ops who share content with us. Though I’m loathe to give away the secrets to CardPlayer and Bluff — um, sharing — Poker Atlas allows us to syndicate news from their LV poker rooms feed. Tao of Poker contributes content via Tao of Pokerati … Poker Road is there for The Poker Beat (though I have gotten lazy about posting more than just a link to the podcast). APCW gives us Perspectives Weekly, Betfair gives us Marcus Bateman’s strategy columns, and “Poker Prof” … well we’re actually hoping he’ll make a new banner for — because that site lets us use their photographs under certain terms and conditions.

  3. scott diamond

    Ok, thanks Dan.. Hope to see you at the WSOP..

  4. DanM

    no prob Scott … it was a good for me to spell it out and remind myself whom I owe money and/or services.