Houston-Area Home Game Shooting: 1 Dead

by , May 18, 2009 | 12:34 am

Very few details … so by all means, please send them along if you have any … but Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies in Spring, TX (north of Houston), are saying an altercation at a poker game Saturday night resulted in one player pulling a gun on another and firing multiple shots until the victim was dead on a sidewalk outside the home.

Here’s the neighborhood where the latest Texas poker homicide went down:

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7 Comments to “Houston-Area Home Game Shooting: 1 Dead”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    It is totally rude to carry your gun into another man’s poker game. The House Man is supposed to provide security. I would not play poker if someone other than the house man had a gun in his pocket, whether he had a Texas conceal/carry license or not.

    In Lubbock, several of our City Council wear pistols to council meetings. I won’t go there either.

  2. scott diamond

    Whats the World Coming too! You think of a “Home Game” as friendly competition between friends, trying to win some extra money for the week have a few beer’s and some laughs.

    Not a Homicide scene!

  3. DanM

    First of all and hardly important, but how cool is google to let us see the neighborhood?

    And secondly, I hope that next legal go-round, it becomes clear that part of our objective legislatively is to get poker games out of residential neighborhoods like this one and put them in areas zoned for gaming.

    With that said, from the surface of it, this sounds like one of those shootings that didn’t have much to do with the locale … just a statistical anomaly. When you have x million poker games going on, eventually one of them is going to bring together two guys with a desire to shoot each other.

    (Happens in the Batface home game weekly.)

    But with x millions of people grocery shopping, eventually someone’s gonna get shot there; with x millions driving, eventually someone’s gonna get shot on the road …

    Yet I wouldn’t be surprised to hear our opponents saying, “See, guns don’t kill people, poker does!”

  4. Ed

    “(Happens in the Batface home game weekly.)”

    You are assuming the Batface home game is still happening on a weekly basis. 🙂

    To keep this on topic, I try to keep our home game friendly by only having people we all know show up. If someone can vouch for a new face then we let them show up and play. Usually if someone says they have a friend that wants to play we can be sure they think the guy is cool and won’t bust out a gun if he loses.

  5. DanM

    And that’s the way a home game should be. But we don’t know what the details are here … for all we know it could have been a raked card club in a residential neighborhood … or it coulda been a no-money sit-n-go where one dude had slept with another’s wife a few weeks earlier, or someone broke a lawnmower … and then when he was slowrolled he just kinda snapped.

  6. Lindsey

    This shooting was NOT provoked by a poker game, they just happened to be playing poker earlier the night of the incident, and partying with small children IN THE HO– USE that witnessed this. It’s an unfortunate tragedy that the victim was there at the wrong time, and they were neighbors! The shooter shot him 3 times OUTSIDE, the man walked OUTSIDE to shoot him, instead of staying in his house and if he had an issue with the victim should have called the police.

  7. DanM

    Wow. Thanks for the details Lindsey, and by all means … what a shame.