Lacey Jones Re-sponsored by Absolute Poker

by , May 29, 2009 | 12:19 pm

I had been hearing murmurs … and now we get the word from @LaceyJones herself that the hostess of tomorrow night’s WSOP launch party is back with her former backers at Absolute Poker.

Though I haven’t had a chance to ask her about it yet, it’s a curious move … considering she was a disgruntled former face-person for AP with plenty of reasons to believe they may have been a shady operation even before the cheating scandal emerged. (It was the bogus charity popcorn sale at the 2006 WSOP, I think, that really chapped her hide.)

While I suppose it’s theoretically possible that Lacey is such a degenerate poker addict that returning to her former abusers was the only way to get her tournament fix, might it more so suggest that one of the purest poker hotties has re-evaluated the company and concluded that the new-and-improved operations at Absolute are clean and dandy?

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  1. JW

    What a joke….never underestimate the power of the pocketbook. I absolutely love Lacey but seriously, I can think of at least 50 deserving poker players off the top of my head more deserving of a sponsorship than her and 1,000 players if I actually put my mind to it….

  2. DanM

    What makes a player more “deserving”? Tom Schneider, Layne Flack, and Matt Glantz may have better Hendon Mob results, but that doesn’t mean they’ll bring in more players to the site.

  3. JW

    Dan you really think signing Lacey will get more people to the site??? Stay off the pipe…

  4. DanM

    absolutely she will. and why would she not? lacey has thousands of fans, if not tens of thousands, and her association might tell many of them that it’s OK to play at Absolute again … (and take advantage of whatever freerolls, bounties, deposit bonuses, etc. they may be offering).

    Prior to today, AP was hardly even thought about any more by anyone who knew anything about (online) poker. But now, at a minimum, people are wondering what’s going on over at Absolute … and surely that will bring at least a few of the curious into a game.

    you stay off your pipe!

  5. Kevin Mathers

    I don’t recall this charity popcorn sale thing, elaborate?

  6. DanM

    I could have the year wrong … but back in the day, AP had some baseball-wearing beauties selling popcorn at the WSOP for $1 a bag, with that money supposedly going to some charity. But the $10k or so raised never made its way to any good cause.

  7. scott diamond

    They had a popcorn machine set up at the 2006 or 2007 WSOP by the amazon room. They were accepting money as a donation for the Popcorn to be given to a charity. It was embezzled.

    Anyway Dan thank you for allowing me the priviledge to post here. I am going to lay low from the forums and other Poker related things for awhile. I will continue to play, but not speak or write about my adventures.

    Take care and Be safe…

  8. Brick

    I am involved in both, marketing and poker, and I can state unequivocally that having LJ wear the AP logo will do nothing for the site.

    I think it is great for any player to obtain sponsorship in order to be able to focus on the game more and hopefully improve. As to her “deserving it”, absolutely not.

  9. DanM

    Did I “deserve” it when Milwaukee’s Best Light put me in an event a few years ago?

    You make a pretty bold assertion that you are UNEQUIVOCALLY certain that her presence will do NOTHING for the site. For now I will just have to say whothefuck are you in marketing and poker and why should we assume you know jack-shit about anything? respectfully disagree.

    Will they get their X thousands of value out of her? That remains to be seen. But I have a feeling someone decided it was a calculated risk worth taking.

  10. LaceyJ

    Thanks Dan for your support.