My 2009 WSOP Fantasy Picks

by , May 22, 2009 | 12:03 pm

Phil Hellmuth celebrates his first-round draft pick by Team Pokerati.

The draft just ended … (complete rosters forthcoming) …

1. Phill Hellmuth
2. Robert Mizrachi
3. Men the Master
4. Humberto Brenes
5. Matt Glantz
6. Nikolay Evdakov
7. Dwyte Pilgrim
8. Isaac Baron

All the above players should come find me before any of their events start so I can properly patch them up. (Those are the rules, right?)

UPDATE: Click below to see everyone else’s picks in draft position order — from Gavin Smith (via blackberry), Daniel Negreanu, Gary Wise, Bernard Lee, yours truly, Howard Lederer, Andrew Feldman, Mark Seif, Lance Bradley, Chops, and Joe McGowan (for Dennis Phillips):

Team Gavin Smith (Gavin Smith)

1. Daniel Negreanu
22. Gavin Smith
23. Shaun Deeb
44. Michael Mizrachi
45. Vivek Rajkumar
66. Jimmy Fricke
67. Chris Bell
88. Mike Leah

Team Negreanu (Daniel Negreanu)

2. Phil Ivey
21. Jeff Lisandro
24. David Chiu
43. Huck Seed
46. Daniel Alaei
65. Jennifer Harman
68. Alexander Kostritstyn
87. Freddy Bonyadi

Team WiseHandPoker (Gary Wise)

3. Allen Cunningham
20. Alex Jacob
25. Andy Bloch
42. Phil Galfond
47. Tom Schneider
64. Brandon Adams
69. Ivan Demidov
86. Johnny Chan

Team Bernard Lee (Bernard Lee)

4. Chris Ferguson
19. Chau Giang
26. Tom Dwan
41. John Phan
48. Kenny Tran
63. Lee Markholt
70. Max Pescatori
85. David Williams

Team Pokerati (Dan Michalski)

5. Phil Hellmuth
18. Robert Mizrachi
27. Men Ngyuen
40. Humberto Brenes
49. Matt Glantz
62. Nikolai Evdakov
71. Dwyte Pilgrim
84. Isaac Baron

Team Glue Factory (Howard Lederer)

6. Barry Greenstein
17. John Juanda
28. David Singer
39. Eli Elezra
50. Chad Brown
61. Nick Schulman
72. Ralph Perry
83. Chris Bjorin

Team ESPN (Andrew Feldman)

7. Bertrand Grospellier
16. Erick Lindgren
29. Justin Bonomo
38. Nam Le
51. Jonathan Little
60. Hevad Khan
73. Mark Seif
82. Gavin Griffin

Seif-ty School (Mark Seif)
(my team name for him, not his)

Team Iwannapress (Mark Seif)

8. Howard Lederer
15. Ted Forrest
30. Gus Hansen
37. David Benyamine
52. Patrik Antonius
59. Tony G
74. David Oppenheim
81. Todd Brunson

Team Bluff (Lance Bradley)

9. Erik Seidel
14. Mike Matusow
31. Amnon Fillippi
36. Jeff Madsen
53. Scott Clements
58. Marty Smyth
75. Brett Richey
80. Matt Brady

Wicked Chops/RawVegas All-Stars (Chops)

10. JC Tran
13. David Pham
32. Shannon Shorr
35. Jon Turner
54. James Mackey
57. Vanessa Selbst
76. Lee Watkinson
79. Vanessa Rousso

Team Dennis Phillips (Joe McGowan)

11. Michael Binger
12. Scotty Nguyen
33. Bill Edler
34. Brandon Cantu
55. Nenad Medic
56. Carlos Mortenson
77. Doyle Brunson
78. Dario Minieri

25 Comments to “My 2009 WSOP Fantasy Picks”

  1. bcd

    Men the Master?

    what, are you implying that there is going to be a massive chip dumping scandal at the WSOP ’09?

  2. BJ Nemeth

    I’d have to see everyone else’s lists, but I don’t think I’d take your #3 on principle alone — even in the final round. I’d have skipped Evdakov, and I’m surprised Isaac Baron went that low. I probably would have picked him earlier.

  3. BJ Nemeth

    I’d have to see everyone else’s lists, but I don’t think I’d take your #3 on principle alone — even in the final round. I’d have skipped Evdakov, and I’m surprised Isaac Baron went that low. I probably would have picked him earlier. I’ll back you on your #1 pick though. He may not be the first overall pick, but I think he’s a first-rounder, even if Negreanu laughs.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Have to agree with BJ about the Men and Evdakov selections. Without seeing the other lineups or criteria, it looks like Dan was going for people who’ve accumulated a lot of cashes.

  5. DanM

    I’m working on adding everyone’s picks … but just a quick defense of Evdakov … don’t you think people have the ability to learn overtime? I see about four cashes for him and at least one final table.

  6. Kevin Mathers

    Considering last year Evdakov had 10 cashes and three top-18 finishes, that’d be a disappointment imo.

  7. Mark

    Here’s my roster so far (12 team draft, six rounds )
    1.5 Negreanu
    2.8 Scotty
    3.5 Kenny Tran
    4.8 David Williams
    5.5 Men Nguyen :-O

    All bracelet events count, points based on $ won. Not taking Men because he’s a douche is like not taking TO if he falls to you in a football draft. Gotta take value where you find it and pick with your head, not heart. jmo.

  8. BJ Nemeth

    Mark — I don’t fault anyone else (except Dan) for picking Men Nguyen, but I wouldn’t want him on my team. If I won the contest because of his results, that wouldn’t be a satisfying victory for me.

    Here are a few of the players (from the fourth round or below) that I would happily pick before Men Nguyen: Nenad Medic, Jeff Madsen, Matt Brady, Jonathan Little, Nam Le, Tom Schneider, and Vivek Rajkumar. There are definitely others, but these are the ones that I personally consider to be automatic picks ahead of Men Nguyen.

    FYI, Nguyen barely eked out a profit on his own results at the ’06 WSOP, and hasn’t had a really good showing since ’03 when he won 2 bracelets with 5 Top-Four finishes. (But that was before huge prelim fields, and his cashes that year came in events with 78-135 entrants.)

    I might do a side bet with Dan, if he’s interested. Nenad Medic or Jonathan Little against Men Nguyen. (Dan gets to pick my guy out of those two.) Before we put money on it, I just need to know the scoring criteria — POY points, money earned, or some other point system?

    I know it’s just a fantasy draft, but real general managers know that character matters. I wouldn’t pick Men Nguyen for the same reason that he doesn’t have a major poker sponsorship.

  9. DanM

    Yes, I really think Men was my worst pick. I don’t know who suggested him to me. Probably Tom.

    Here are the scoring criteria:

    Here’s the scoring breakdown:
    1 point for making the money
    2 points for the top 50
    5 points for top 20
    10 points for the final table, then:
    1 additional point for ninth
    2 additional points for eighth
    4 additional points for seventh
    6 additional points for sixth
    10 additional points for fifth
    15 additional points for fourth
    20 additional points for third
    30 additional points for second
    40 additional points for first

    Double points will be awarded for all $10,000 events, 40K special and
    the $50,000 HORSE event.

  10. DanM

    We also are allowed 1 drop during the WSOP. So really, technically I could drop him now for an unpicked player like … um … like … who’s left? I think that’s just about all the poker players except for maybe Clonie.

  11. Kevin Mathers

    I’d drop Men for Yevgeniy Timoshenko in a second if it was my team.

  12. DanM

    are you positive he’s playing in many events? and is he all hold’em? i really might take your suggestion … but am not positive it’s the right time to use my 1 drop. but your yevgeniy notion definitely has me thinking …

  13. Kevin Mathers

    I’m assuming he’ll be doing mostly holdem, I’m sure I can think of an all-around player if needed momentarily.

    Edit: Kirill Gerasimov

  14. BJ Nemeth

    I assume you have to make the money first before any of the other points kick in, right? It seems ludicrous to give out 4 points for making the Top 50 of $50K HORSE, for example.

    Final tables and top-3 finishes is where it’s at; racking up top 50 cashes will amount to nothing more than a tiebreaker. But I have a feeling Dan doesn’t want to take my bet of Men vs. Nenad or Men vs. J-Little. 🙂

    I still think your pick of Hellmuth was a good one. But in my opinion, Gavin Smith has the best overall team.

  15. BJ Nemeth

    I’d save the drop for the first week of the Series, unless you think other teams are about to make a change.

  16. DanM

    Negreanu was offering up $10k wagers on his team.

  17. Kevin Mathers

    Looking at the rosters, I’m sure I could pick from the players not selected and beat at least 6 of the 11 teams listed. I’m not as rolled as Daniel, but I’d put $100 on it.

  18. DanM

    I think a lot of people might take action on that. In fact, I’ll put up 100 that your team doesn’t beat 6 or more.

    Done deal.

  19. Kevin Mathers

    Game on.

    Here’s my picks:

    Yevgeniy Timoshenko
    Randy Holland
    Christian Harder
    Thayer Rasmussen
    Neil Channing
    Sebastian Ruthenburg
    Justin “Boosted J” Smith
    Jason Potter

  20. DanM

    Murmur … like your picks! I’ve heard of four of them.

    (I actually gave Neil Channing some real thought.)

    BTW, Kathy Liebert was on my list, too … but just kept pushing her back. Think she woulda made a good one?

  21. Poker Shrink

    I think the last three teams are the nuts: #1 Team Dennis Phillips, #2 Team Bluff and #3 Wicked Chops (although how a WC team doesn’t have at least one naked women is oxymoronic).

  22. Kevin Mathers

    I’d have considered Kathy before Humberto.

  23. DanM

    Mark Seif’s take on his own team:

    Team Iwannapress,

    This team is a lock unless:
    1. Howard takes a dive to win 10k from me. :))
    2. Gus Hansen does not show up for the series because he is winning too much online.
    3. David Benyamine does not show up for the series because he is losing too much online.
    4. Patrik Antonious – not sure but there was a comment made I did not hear regarding him (hope he’s okay) being a bad pick
    5. Tony G. fails to fix the events by virtue of his 10,000 reporters/spys on hand
    6. Ivey wins 3 events.
    7. Chris Bjorin cashes in 10 events
    8. Eli Elezra wins an event
    9. Hellmuth wins two bracelets in the 1k buy-ins
    10. Cunningham wins the main event
    11. I win an event, Lindgren comes in second, Hevad Khan comes in third, and Justin Bonomo comes in 4th

    Tony G line made me laugh.

  24. Easycure

    Chad Brown at #50 is a steal.

  25. Kevin Mathers

    Here’s the article over at