RE: Beef Jerky Is the New Beer?

by , May 19, 2009 | 8:55 pm

A slightly different take from Pauly. I intellectually don’t agree with his boisterously pessimistic outlook, yet he seems to have a read on many in the poker world’s gut … from Tao of Poker:

God bless Ty Stewart for saving the WSOP. I mean, this guy should get Salesman of the Century Award for finding someone stupid enough to shell out millions of dollars to sponsor a stagnant product in an industry with a murky future.

Pope Benedict should make Ty a saint for providing the WSOP a secure financial future and also giving me and the rest of the derelicts in the poker media an endless amount of material to work with this year. As one of my Canadian colleagues noted, “Premium meat snacks at this year’s WSOP. The jokes, they write themselves.”

I haven’t seen a deal that bad since the Ruskies signed away Alaska in 1867 to Secretary of State William Seward for $7.2 million. If that Seward’s deal never happened, Sarah Palin would be speaking Russian.

8 Comments to “RE: Beef Jerky Is the New Beer?”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    Getting excited is not like me, however I am excited about the prospects of LOST VEGAS by Paul “Dr. Pauly” McGuire. His special “voice”, lyrical, stylist writing, and personal telescope are turned on Las Vegas at a turbulent, watershed time. Everybody has been to Las Vegas. It is the home to the other personality that they hide, but dream about, back it Six-Pack, Texas.

    The perfect voice at the perfect time. Dr. Pauly is as lucky as it gets.

  2. Poker Shrink

    Hate to burst any belly bubbles but has anyone ever seen a single Planters nut in the media room? And what about Hersheys two years ago, anyone get any coca… Oh wait, how does that strike thru thingy work.

  3. Jeffrey Pollack

    Folks shouldn’t attack Ty for this deal.

    As I’ve always said, if there’s ever a bad idea, people should blame me. But, aligning with Jack Link’s is a GREAT idea.

    They are very creative, passionate marketers that love poker and sell a high-quality product. People were skeptical when we signed MBL, but that alliance was great for poker — and continues to be.

    Please give Jack Link’s a chance….

  4. DanM

    I contend it all depends on price. If Jack’s Links paid $100 to be a top-level sponsor of the WSOP, then Harrah’s and poker got screwed. If they paid $25 million — woot! — nice score for the WSOP, but can they deliver that much value?

    My guess is the reality falls somewhere in between, and thus it remains to be seen if this indeed a win-win-win for all involved.

  5. scott diamond

    I think it was a GREAT idea to have Jack Link’s hop on board with the WSOP, but I am a pea in a pod, a nobody if you ask around, but I still think you all did the right thing Jeffrey.

    Hopefully they do not mark up the price to high.

  6. California Jen

    Jeffrey, I can be bribed with free samples. 😉

  7. scott diamond

    If that is all it takes Jen,I will make sure to buy you a whole package when I see you in the next few…:)

  8. DanM

    *** I can be bribed with free samples. ***

    Really, Jen, that’s all it takes is beef jerky? Duly noted, duly noted … who says there are no bonuses in 2009!