RE: Political WTF in Texas (2)

What we’re up against

by , May 8, 2009 | 1:23 pm

Here’s what we’re up against … I don’t want to alert them that we’re out here trying to muster up the troops … but the “Shmristian Shmlife Association” put out this memo in an attempt to deliver us a bad beat. Also, you can go to [ texans against gambling dot org — alloneword] to see how they are suddenly putting this issue front and center.

The place that needs to hear from YOU is:

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  1. Johnny T

    Well Rick Perry needs to practice what he preaches. Perry says “I believe the federal government has become oppressive. It’s become oppressive in its size, its intrusion in the lives of its citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state.”

    Well its time for ME to draw the line with Perry’s oppression of ME! Now Governor Rick Perry is blocking HB 222 – a bill which would license and regulate poker in the state of Texas.

    Talk about oppression! Texans should be allowed to play Texas Hold’em. And what I do with money is none of his dam business.

  2. DanM

    That’s the spirit, Johnny … now take your anger and turn it into a positive by expressing it to the Governor’s office. I’m being serious.

  3. Ken

    I have called and emailed, wish I could do more for Poker in Texas.. So sad how politics and personal agendas rule this Country. Maybe one of these days I will make it to Austin to personally check out The Govs Underground Poker Room..

  4. Steve Justice

    I have emailed and facebooked to my troops to flood Perry’s Office regarding HB 222.

  5. scott diamond

    Being a former resident of Texas and needing to get back to Houston to visit my Mom’s grave someday, I sent the Governor an E-mail for you Dan and all the other Poker Players of Texas.

  6. DanM

    Thanks man. I may or may not have told a lie and called in my father’s Texas GOP-card-carrying stead. He is out of the country right now … so I’m sure no one will mind, right?

  7. Patrick the Longtime Lurker

    Email sent. Voicemail left.

    And come the next election cycle, I’m prepared to mark my ballot “Anyone NOT named Rick Perry” for Governor.

    This whole process really is ridiculous. All the effort and resources to move the will of the people this far forward, and then our blockhead chief executive (lower case intentional) decides that he’s going to de-rail the whole thing because the Jesus People squeeze his scrotum just a little bit.

    Simply absurd.

  8. Kevin Mathers

    The House has adjourned for the day to return Monday morning, now listening to this kid read announcements at a breakneck speed, he must have done debate in college.

  9. Brutacus

    Perry isn’t really motivated by these extreme religious groups (I BTW am a Christian that supports legalizing poker). His real motivation is greed. He gets a lot of money from the Oklahoma and Louisiana casinos to keep all forms of gaming out of Texas. However, he is up for re-election and is facing stiff opposition from Sen. Hutchison. We all need to make him understand that this could be what she needs to tip the primary toward her favor. She’s not very far behind in the polls and has plenty of time to pass him up. Just my two cents…

  10. scott diamond

    I wonder how many Texans are listening to Poker Beat and Wisehandpoker each week.These two shows are a great Forum to get the word out.

    We need some Poker Playing Media executive in the Television News business to come forward and give us some free air time.

  11. Fred

    Go look at the Texas lottery web site and dive down into the reports on “charitable bingo”. Look how much money churches make off of the 1200+ bingo parlors in the state. The religious folks don’t want competition for their cash cow.

  12. pokerhag

    There are lots of facets to this situation. One is that a lot of the money for the anti-gambling lobby is coming from the casinos in Oklahoma. It is in their interest and that of the State of Oklahoma to make sure it does not happen. The citizens of Texas pay a large % of the cost of Okla schools. The economy fo that state would really take a hit.

    It is true that Perry is making sure the religious right stay in his camp since Kay Bailey Hutchinson will give him a hard fight.

    The other sad thing is that the legislature only meets every two years so if it does not happen now, the earliest will be 2 years from now. It might be interesting to know who the paid lobbyists are for Okla interests…..could there be some conflicts of interests there??? Who knows but Perry is probably not going to change his mind. Remember, he hasn’t ruled out leaving the Union.