Sam’s Game: 4-Color TV Poker

by , May 19, 2009 | 7:42 pm

Remember the good old days, when poker was in its boom period and the poker community was treated to shows such as Celebrity Poker Showdown, Hollywood Hold ‘Em, Hip-Hop Holdem, WPT’s Hollywood Home Game, etc. etc.? Celebrities playing poker makes its “comeback” with Sam’s Game — a new show on the digital channel that is also home to The Boy Nexxt Door, e-Rotic, and Show Us Your Wits.

The show features Simpson’s co-creator Sam Simon, along with comedians Artie Lange, Dave Attell, Norm McDonald and Jeffrey Ross. Also featured are Playboy personalities Brande Roderick, Deanna Brooks, Andrea Lowell, and Stacy Fuson; along with poker personalities as Phil Laak, Sam’s ex-wife Jennifer Tilly, and Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh. The “action” takes place in Hugh Hefner’s villa at the Palms in Las Vegas, and Playboy TV has put up a few clips on Youtube as a preview for the shows debut June 11th. Above is the longest clip, featuring Artie and Norm in a big hand. The one thing that stands out right away is that I believe this is the first poker program to ever use a 4-color deck in the graphics.

17 Comments to “Sam’s Game: 4-Color TV Poker”

  1. DanM

    This is so bad it’s awesome. It took me til 2:41 to even pay attention to the hands … and about a minute later I had to pause to groan.

    It’s like High Stakes Poker — but with less money and worse poker, but more booze, smoke, drug-talk and awkward profanity.

    Poker geek in me is curious to see how Brande plays. Surely Annie’s given her some pointers.

  2. DanM

    And not to give away the hand, but how good is it to see the guy we know as a real poker player, outplay and take down the buffoonish donk for a few k?

    I’m hooked. At least for five minutes at a time. Not sure I could watch a whole show on the internet or pay for an extra cable channel, though.

  3. California Jen

    It wasn’t any worse than any Celebrity Poker Showdown. But it was tough to listen to Artie talk and talk about ridiculous shit. “Who here has slept with a black guy?” Either he’s living in a previous decade or he looooves the sound of his own voice.

  4. DanM

    Right. But what home game doesn’t have a blow-hard idiot in it?

  5. Glenn "G-Squared"

    Give Artie the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was posing that question solely for the purpose of steering the conversation around so he could relate his own experiences. You never know . . .

    I agree with you about Celebrity Poker showdown, though. That was painful to watch. Not sure I can watch this unless I hear that Annie’s given Brande pointers.

  6. Ken


    A quick question.. What if there was a site that played high stakes poker, amateurs or pros(if they wanted to play)which was aired over the Net once a week.. Would you watch it? The Poker was good, they actually played for “High Stakes” good looking women, no stupid talk etc etc.. Let me know your honest answer..


  7. DanM

    Ken, are you saying they would play each other live, or online? i have sweated fewer than a couple hundred hands of online play throughout life.

    Glenn, I’ll acknowledge that Artie was probably shticking it up in his mind, but that’s what makes Norm’s beating him even better. One player knew when real poker was in play, and the other did not.

  8. Ken


    Basically a high stakes game played live just like you see on “Sams Game” or “High Stakes Poker” except its amateur players playing for high stakes.. Real High Stakes.. No 10K buy ins.. Aired weekly over the Net.. Possibly down the road, Pros come in and play with the Amateurs..

  9. DanM

    if it’s done well, sure, i’d watch. for at least a little bit.

    where would said amateurs get this money?

    the idea of everyone at the table playing with somebody else’s cash is by all means intriguing.

  10. Kevin Mathers

    I’d rather see a return of Live at the Bike myself.

  11. Kevin Mathers

    Ken, you wouldn’t happen to be part of the CPC that held two tournaments, apparently crashed and burned, and now is struggling to do cash games?

  12. Ken

    The players all bring their own money, or if staked, whatever..

    Whats your email? I have some thoughts… Or, if you can see mine, hit me up so I can reply..

  13. Ken


    CPC?? No sir, I dont know who or what CPC is.. I live in Az.

  14. Kevin Mathers

    The CPC is also based in Arizona, check it out at

  15. Ken


    Thanks for the link.. Never heard of them.. What do you know about them? What they are trying to do sounds pretty cool but PPV?? Weird..

  16. john

    Sam Simon is a douchebag for pulling this on his friends and acquaintences. The dude has a billion dollars from the Simpsons and pays for Ralph Ciriloo’s companionship. You don’t ask them to help you out with this show implyin git is for charity then make them use their own money when they do not know it. Why would they act like this or want to paly against their buddies? Shame on Sam.

  17. DanM

    what are you talking about, john? i think it is his actual home game, mostly, with a few fill-ins.