Targeted Advertising at Red Rock?

by , May 3, 2009 | 4:15 am

Man, I tell ya … ads these days … it’s like sometimes they know exactly who’s reading ’em and what they’re looking for:

A good reminder for people who spend a lot of time staring at the river:

5 Comments to “Targeted Advertising at Red Rock?”

  1. pokerplaya444

    Before you know it they will have a sponsored kiosk with a monitor and pc to make you transaction by the table.

  2. zachdealer

    they want to loan money to poker players? ha

  3. DanM

    fwiw, i don’t think all the felts at Red Rock featured this ad … this table seemed to be from some special charity event. Was autographed by Kathy Liebert and Johnny Chan.

    But still, pretty darn funny.

  4. Tom Schneider

    Pretty soon Pokerati will have popup ads for lobotomies

  5. DanM

    If you sell them, Tom, I’ll pay you a fair commission!

    (Well not the pop-ups … we would never do that … but an ad elsewhere on our virtual felt, all good!)