Team Pokerati Results: Laodecian Money?

by , May 28, 2009 | 10:45 pm

john_harris-event1 It was a fun run following @johnharristtu in event #1, and things were looking good as they got deeper and deeper into the money. He maintained an above- to about-average stack throughout the day getting very few good cards — he saw Kings once and pocket 10s — and he was even willing to risk it against the chip leader (at the time), Cesar Chavez, sitting to his right, by three-betting him with a hand as small as Q-J to tell him to stop stealing his blinds and other hands he was raising with.

But in the end, John Harris lost three races in a row to finish in a Laodecian 25th place. OK, so maybe Laodecian isn’t the exact right word for expressing this WSOP dealer’s lukewarm feelings after cashing for $2,475, but hey, I’m just trying to use it in a (poker) sentence. Meanwhile, while Harris presumably replays all sorts of situations in his head trying to figure out where/how he coulda done better, we all know it was a great first WSOP go … and are pretty pleased to see the patch-wearing players we’re paying extra attention to start off in the black:

Buy-in: $500
Cash out: $2,475
Net: $1,975

His final hand: all-in with J-10 vs. 5-5; flop was A-10-5, K on the turn, 7 on the river.

7 Comments to “Team Pokerati Results: Laodecian Money?”

  1. tbonezz111

    Nice run roomie…. won’t be the last!

  2. Alicia

    Way to make us proud, Harris! Viva la 8-5!!

  3. lazylaptop

      /leɪˌɒdəˈsiən, ˌleɪədə-/ Show Spelled [ley-od-uh-see-uhn, ley-uh-duh-] Show IPA
    1.lukewarm or indifferent, esp. in religion, as were the early Christians of Laodicea.
    2.a person who is lukewarm or indifferent, esp. in religion.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Congrats to Harris, and I propose that Laodecian replace mincash in the poker vocabulary.

  5. Whitney Blanton

    Nice job!!

  6. Scott Chaffin

    The Rangers owe you some patch money, John.

  7. waldoworld

    Nice job, John! Hope you kill it in future tourneys.