Golden Tweet: Negreanu vs. Greenstein

by , May 22, 2009 | 2:56 pm

Tee times, to be more specific …

I didn’t plan on it, but at the moment I’m following a Las Vegas golf match between @barrygreenstein and @RealKidPoker. Pathetic, I know … surely there’s something better to stare at on this here wall. But I’m semi-intrigued … first, by how they’re golfing and how they’re betting it; and 2 — think how funny these two guys must look twittering down the fairways. It’s extra funny on twitter, too, because Greenstein’s avatar is him in a Robin Hood costume.

Strange new world?

Negreanu says he’s playing the best 9 he has in months.

One Comment to “Golden Tweet: Negreanu vs. Greenstein”

  1. Poker Professor

    I can’t imagine this two live on twitter and several online tables, with followers like the Brunson’s.