Twitter Your Governor

by , May 10, 2009 | 3:40 pm

From the PPA:

Hi all,

Texas Gov. Perry is blocking the vote on HB222 (the bill that legalized land-based poker in Texas).  Let’s all amp up the pressure!

Contact info:
Phone: (800) 252-9600
Twitter: @GovernorPerry

I believe we should hit with calls and Twitters.  This was effective at getting us heard in Minn., so let’s try it here.  I wrote up some Tweets to Twitter.  It takes just seconds to send these out, so let’s all pitch in!

Click here to send Tweet #1: RT @PPApoker: PLZ tell TX @GovernorPerry at (800) 252-9600 to stop blocking a vote on HB 222, a bill that allows poker in Texas. PLS RT!”

Click here to send Tweet #2: “RT @PPApoker: PLZ tell TX @GovernorPerry at (800) 252-9600 that poker is a game of skill that should be legal in Texas. PLS RT.”

Also, if Perry follows you on Twitter, you can send him a direct message:

Click here to send the direct message: “D GovernorPerry: Texas Hold’em is a game of skill that should be legal in Texas. Can you end your HB222 vote block? THX!”

I posted this to P5s at and .  If you get a chance, please consider posting a message of encouragement there to get others to pitch in.  After all, 2+2 responded to this by giving me a warning; P5s responded by stickying my thread for the day (I didn’t ask them to).



4 Comments to “Twitter Your Governor”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Reading the Gov’s Twitter page, the chances that he’s going to relent seem remote.

  2. pokerpolitics

    Methinks thou dost protest too much

    At this point Dan, it looks like this ship has sailed. 🙁

  3. DanM

    Fair enough, PP … and I’m not expecting anything tomorrow, really. But at this point do we have anything to lose?

    Personally, I think Perry’s “loyalty” to his base could well cost him the governorship to Kay Bailey … but it’s possible I’m wrong here, too.

  4. GarryM

    Rick Perry has seemed to forgotten that a majority of the voters did not want him in office during the last Gubernatorial election.