ESPN Fantasy WSOP Update

by , Jun 11, 2009 | 2:40 pm

Yikes, through 19 events …

(I fear Mathers’ scab squad might be gaining, and this little fun-for-me could prove costly.)

Daniel Negreanu: 406
Gavin Smith: 134
Lance Bradley: 110
Mark Seif: 97
Andrew Feldman: 81
Bernard Lee: 72
Howard Lederer: 47
Dan Michalski: 44
Dennis Phillips: 40
Chops Preiss: 32
Gary Wise: 2

(Negreanu, btw, has multiple $10k and $12k-to-$10k sidebets on his fantasy poker action.)

3 Comments to “ESPN Fantasy WSOP Update”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I’m beating Gary Wise, that’s it.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Bringing up the debate about final tables again as I have Justin Smith in the 2-7 with ten remaining. The final table in that event is established at seven. How will that count?

    Also, I’ll replace Randy Holland with Jon “PearlJammer(d)” Turner, and not counting the event he’s in today (event 25).

  3. DanM

    have you already dropped one? we only get one drop in the ESPN fantasy pool. (I cut Men the MAster for Timoshenko.)

    as to final tables … it’s definitely the official final table. 6 players for 6-handed events … 8 (I believe) for mixed games … 9 for hold’em/omahas … and 10 for shootouts.