Flops of the Day

by , Jun 7, 2009 | 3:52 pm

The implementation of this year’s WSOP bracelet ceremonies have been a hit thus far, as play is stopped in the Amazon Room for Jack Effel and Jeffrey Pollack to announce the previous day’s bracelet winners, award them the bracelets and Harrah’s Diamond Rewards cards, and play the national anthem(s) of the newest WSOP winners. In general, it seems to go over well each day with players, fans, and media alike. Today? Not so much.

Ville Wahlbeck is a Finnish player, and his ceremony culminated in the playing of the Finnish anthem. Not sure what the song actually was, but Benjo reported that Finnish players seemed perplexed. And according to Benjo‘s conversation with Wahlbeck, it was NOT the Finnish anthem. Whoops.

Yesterday, media row received a visit from Dan Frank, owner of a relatively new player representation company called Top Set. He announced that there would be a “can’t miss” formal introduction of the company just after the start of today’s ladies event.

We watched from media row as a line of people marched into the Amazon Room with a bright-lighted camera filmed the entrance. Led by a petite woman, Frank followed, as did a string of rented ladies in Top Set logo’ed skimpy-ish t-shirts and tight pants, and they all paraded around the room. After taking the long route and finally ending up at a table, the lead woman sat down to play in the event, and the rest of the crew took places on the rail to cheer her on. Who was this woman? No one knows. And the Top Set website said nothing whatsoever about her, as there is no woman even listed as one of their clients. None of the media recognized her. And, she was out of the tournament by the end of the first level. Serious flop.

6 Comments to “Flops of the Day”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Apparently, there isn’t an official national anthem for Finland, but “Maamee” is usually used as the anthem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSlAuPOUew4

  2. online casinos

    I guess she’s a good player.

  3. woody

    There IS an official national anthem for Finland and its name is “Maamme.”

  4. Jz

    Maamme (our land) is de facto national anthem.

  5. KenP

    Hate to sound stupid (again)but who/what is top set?

    Sounds/acts like a bragging bra maker more than something poker?

  6. Johnny Hughes

    In Austin and Las Vegas, ordinary people hire a crew with cameras, press looking, to follow them and make them look famous for a while. Maybe they were demonstrating their ability to get buzz. Buzz for nothing is still buzz.