Latest WSOP World Standings (through 18 events)

by , Jun 10, 2009 | 4:10 pm

So wow, look at that California vs. Nevada battle … tight tight tight! And for real, where is the Poker Capitol of the World? So much taxable difference between Daniel Alaei and Daniel Negreanu.

California is the only region, btw, with someone to cash in every single event so far. Nevada players (mostly Las Vegans) have cashed in every tournament but one — the $1,500 7cs that Jeff Lisandro won (representing Italy).

“Europe” has cashed in every single event.

One of the biggest surprise shifts has taken place at the bottom of the table — could you theoretically have relegation in poker? — where the Latin Americans have come on strong to surpass the Asia-Pacifickers in bringing home the most skrilla. Most of this comes on the backs of Mexicans, specifically Angel Guillen’s $318k 2nd place score in $2,500 NLH, which a dozen Aussie ITM finishers and a Korean have not been able to match.

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Perhaps in the future the WSOP could take a note from Facebook, allowing players to enter both a current city and a hometown … so say a guy like Daniel Negreanu were to win, he would be tallied for both Canada and the USA, and would have a choice over what anthem he wants to play at his bracelet ceremony. Lots of potential “fun” controversy in that … and we’d finally get to see how good all those California-centric (but US-scattered) Vietnamese really are.

Some newcomers to the 2009 WSOP money:

Both Slovenia and Slovakia booked a cash.

Also … Rhode Island
Washington DC
Puerto Rico

The UK is making a charge to challenge the Russians.

And where’s Denmark, who were certainly more than just Peter Eastgate last year? The Scandis would be doing little if it were not for a few Finns this year.

Texas is the top money-winner without a bracelet.

Mad props to the Hawaiians, who thanks to Lisa Hamilton’s bracelet in the Ladies event, silenced the Alaskans who briefly looked like they were gonna stake a claim to extra-continental American poker supremacy.

With just a few hundred dollars of separation, Maine and Spain are also in a kinda tight race money-wise. They rhyme.

2 Comments to “Latest WSOP World Standings (through 18 events)”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    Jeffrey Lisandro is *not* representing Italy; he’s representing Australia. He was born and raised in Australia, but lived in Italy for a long time — given a choice of anthems, he chose Australia. And that’s what the WSOP is using for their official results for country of origin.

    I normally wouldn’t care so much, but Bluff’s Lance Bradley and I have a bet on how many European players will win bracelets this year — I need it to be 14 or fewer (counting the Main Event, but not WSOP Europe; there were 11 last year). With only two Europeans winning bracelets to this point, I’m on pace to win this bet rather easily.

  2. DanM

    wanna wager, BJ? the above compiled data comes from the official harrah’s registration and cashout info.

    that’s interesting about the anthem, though … i didn’t know that he chose australia, nor that he had anything to do with the country.

    for 2009, however, i have to go with what they’re officially giving me. you get the same stuff, btw, if you wanna check.