Miami John Hospitalized, Recovering after Razz Tourney Scare

Will miss rest of event with short stack in play

by , Jun 23, 2009 | 8:46 pm

Miami John Cernuto reached out to Nolan Dalla this evening to let everyone know that he is hospitalized but okay after collapsing during Day 2 of Event 44 ($2,500 Seven Card Razz). The hospital staff determined that he had internal bleeding and will require more tests in the coming days to pinpoint the exact problem and resolve it. However, he is conscious, surrounded by family/friends, and comfortable (as one can be) in the hospital.

Funny that his first question to Nolan was about the razz hand he was in at the time of his collapse. He remembered that he looked down at some babies in his hand and wanted to know if Nolan could find out if he would have won the hand. With a laugh, Nolan responded that he did not know.

More updates to come as they are available. Best wishes to John on a speedy recovery!

5 Comments to “Miami John Hospitalized, Recovering after Razz Tourney Scare ”

  1. Losty

    Thanks to you guys and to PokerNews..

    Great news that he’s OK.. Get well soon..

    He wanted to know if he won the hand? You gotta love it…

  2. ThePokerDaily

    Glad that John is okay.

  3. Alex CERNUTO

    Get well Papa!!!!!
    Love you!!
    See you soon.
    Love: Alex

  4. LV SAL

    Glad to here that you are ok cuz. Get well soon. I will be in to see you. LOVE YOU

  5. Jena

    Hi John, This is Jena (Anthony’s daughter) I just found out that happened to you (like 2 seconds ago) I hope all is well and that you are better by know 🙂 If I can get to Vegas I will come see you, Take Care!