More Team Pokerati Dealer Posse at the WSOP

by , Jun 15, 2009 | 11:24 am

DealerZach, pitchin’ to the Ladies … $1k NLH:

3 Comments to “More Team Pokerati Dealer Posse at the WSOP”

  1. tbonezz111

    Ok…. this is getting REAL old, REAL fast….. 2/3 of my house is now posted all over pokerati…. I don’t deal and can’t stay away from being up against the player w/the luck (ie, my AA, vs all-in AQ and QQ only to see case Q be the door card and cripple me). I do pitch steaks…. am I going to have to buy my way on here?!

  2. DanM

    LOL, no, but you may have to win your way on here, TBonezz! (You also have a former boss on here, too!)

    PS – steaks definitely make matters negotiable.

  3. zachdealer

    Look mom I maid front page!!!!!! next time will be me holding a bracelet for PLO

    mark my words