Nick Geber on WSOP Live Stream: Funny or Inappropriate?

by , Jun 9, 2009 | 1:18 pm

Oh my. Evidently, this “professional commentator” was not aware that the microphone was on nor that anyone was recording his ramblings. They were. And because of the risque nature of his comments, they’re now on YouTube. (UPDATE: Apparently, Nick Geber knew his words were being recorded but only in a mic-testing format. However, all recordings are picked up by overseas partners.)

You decide: funny, good-natured jabs at his employees or inappropriate, sexist remarks?

UPDATE: All traces of the video have been removed from YouTube.

32 Comments to “Nick Geber on WSOP Live Stream: Funny or Inappropriate?”

  1. Randy

    There’s a term for guys like this …. Doosh Bag. He didn’t say anything racist but some of his stuff could easily be taken as sexual harassment and it is, most likely, inappropriate.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    When this was put up on 2+2, many people loved this version of Nick Geber (and I say it was only done to test the mics).

    When he does actual commentary it’s another matter altogether.

  3. DanM

    LOL, (well maybe not quite -OL, but L) I found a few moments where I cringed in anticipation of something horrible … but it never quite came.

    If this is the worst he has to offer when thinking the mike is off — and clearly he was aware it was on because he was testing things — then really, is that so bad? Coulda been much worse. I’m thinking funny-ish.

  4. gadzooks64

    I think this is hilarious!

    Clearly he knew exactly what he was doing but assumed that it wasn’t going live over the internet. How boring must it be to be sitting around waiting for all of these final tables to start? I’m sure he assumed there were 2 people listening to this, not the entire internet.

    I found it very entertaining. He’s got mad improv skills.

    I’m pretty sure this was the same guy that said, “how can he sit there with that horseshoe up his ass” during one of the earlier events.

    I’m a fan.

  5. Ed

    Nothing wrong there. Testing the mic and gotta fill something in besides “testees testees 1…2…3?” Trying to be funny for those that had to listen to him I am sure. I chuckled at a few things. Would have been more entertaining if he said “…and her gorgeous tits!”

  6. DanM

    OK, on second listen, I hear more of what you are talking about. Since Joy is the subject of much of his commentary, I’m curious to hear her take. I suspect it’s either no big deal OR she wants to sue kill people.

    He does take a jab at “underwashed, overfed poker players … completely devoid of social skills” … that part made me laugh.

    You know, semi-related, Nick’s old TV cohost Steven Cohen has come under huge fire in the soccer world for his on-air statements recently:

  7. California Jen

    Not officially speaking for Joy, she does not appear to be angry about it.

    And apparently, everyone else thinks the audio was funny, so the votes are in for “funny” versus “appropriate.” We’ll see what ESPN has to say in the form of action (or non-action) in the days to come.

  8. Kevin Mathers

    I don’t think Joy was listening to the commentary, although I’m sure she’s heard worse.

  9. DanM

    I’m pretty sure ESPN doesn’t have anything to do with it — just Bluff Media, of which Nick is a part owner, so …

  10. California Jen

    Joy did have the commentary in her ear but ignored most of it because she was actually working, though her boss said she was “hardly working.”

    You could be right that it’s more a Bluff decision rather than ESPN. I’ll check on that.

  11. DanM

    I thought the “hardly working” was applying to Erin and the other female employee who weren’t working while Joy was. (and i thought that was an appropriate comment on the poker media in general — as a lot of us them are always “working hard” yet hardly working. you know the types, right?)

    Joy was clearly working, as, frankly, she has been throughout the WSOP.

    You are speaking to a tough, boarish crowd, Jen. It’s tough for women in poker, of course — just because of sheer numbers alone. That’s why we all would be better off having more of them in the game.

    Of course the best way to make that happen is with ladies tournaments … (don’t hit me! 🙂 )

    I can only imagine how tough it was for the ladies to put up with the mens-club and locker-room setting around poker back in the old days. The ones who stood up to the abuse to make it more welcoming for all people, not just fat hairy dudes … well, let’s just say I’m starting to get the reason why there’s a Women in Poker Hall of Fame to properly honor such women who put their asses on the line for the game, even if their tournament results don’t merit getting in the non-genderized Poker Hall of Fame.

  12. DanM

    ***Would have been more entertaining if he said “…and her gorgeous tits!”***

    yes, that definitely would be more entertaining, ed … because then we almost definitely woulda had ground for a lawsuit to follow!

  13. California Jen

    As far as I can tell, any ramifications from the audio/video will likely come from ESPN and Bluff. Partnerships and whatnot. That’s my understanding of it.

  14. Cluemeister

    As an overfed, underwashed poker player, I think this is hilarious. Hopefully this will not be overblown and taken too seriously, as so many ultimately harmless things are these days.

    Unfortunately, I am not so over-fed as to have a bosom, so I can’t tell you if I feel harassed or not. But, I’m sure that as a woman, she has to have a thick skin working with event crews day in & day out – part of the job, I would suppose. My wife works with a bunch of “car guys”, and holds her own just fine.

  15. Nick Geber

    Jeez – Get a sense of humor!

    First off – I would never dream of insulting Joy. She’s the greatest and has the same warped sense of humor as the entire crew whether its Joy or Matt “Schabenfist” Schaben. The poster that said

    “Nothing wrong there. Testing the mic and gotta fill something in besides “testees testees 1…2…3?”

    got it right. If you’ve ever seen how one of these productions work you will know what he means.

    This was just some comm and gfx testing we did on the day prior to our first event. It was not a “broadcast” or even recorded by anyone other than the person sniffing our stream so they could record copyright material to put on some web site at a later time.

    Joy was not offended, neither was erin.Both were on comm. Believe me, if Joy is mad at me she will “rip me a new one!”

    If you know my sense of humour then the“underwashed, overfed poker players … completely devoid of social skills” shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. By the way, I was scolded by ESPN for the “Horshoe up his ass comment”…. As for comparing this to the poorly thought out comments of my friend and co-host on many shows, Steven Cohen, I would remind you that my comments were not made in the context of a broadcast.

    Mad Love


  16. Nick Geber

    By the way… I AM so overfed to have a bosom……

  17. Ed

    wish i had a bosom then i would not bother the wife so much.

  18. gadzooks64

    It seems to me that you should have more latitude for the internet streams. Anybody rabid enough to watch a final table streaming on the internet WANTS to hear the “horseshoe up his ass” type of commentary.

    I became a fan with that comment and am now a HUGE fan as a result of this stream.


  19. BJ Nemeth

    I was sitting next to Joy and a lot of the crew when they watched the clip on YouTube. There was mostly laughing, and the only cringing was to potential reactions from corporate partners without a sense of humor.

    I back up everything that Nick said. This was all in good fun, for everyone involved. It was just never meant for outside ears, and it has no deeper meaning. It’s pure joking around.

  20. DanM

    ***It was just never meant for outside ears,***

    That’s what made it kinda entertaining.

  21. Poker Shrink

    Much Ado About Nothing. Except that ESPN is so “PC” rated I am surprised they actually can cover professional sports.

  22. Eric Morris

    Just my chime; as one of the main owners of Bluff Media this was not meant to go out on the air and believe this has been blown way of proportion. We are not the slightest bit upset at Nick and any repercussions would be the result of ESPNs doing.

    Surprisingly, I have had zero emails complaining of this broadcast and several from people being supportive. Trust me if someone wants to complain, I will get the email many times over.

    I guess when Disney is involved little things become GRANDE!

  23. DanM

    Just my re-chime to Eric’s chime … I think the audience has spoken, and indeed, more positive responses than negative. We are definitely not so friggin’ PC here at Pokerati that we’d be offended by talk of bosoms, especially when coming from a hirsute, man-bosomy Brit.

    Or at least I’m not offended, and always invite friends, readers, and colleagues to school me if I’m not seeing things in proper light. Likewise, kudos to Jen for putting it out there to fuel semi-intelligent convo about it, as opposed to corporate paranoia, thin-skinned screaming, and perverse wankage.

    In the end, though unintentional, I think this has been a great commercial for Bluff’s coverage. I know I have watched much more since.

  24. Eric Morris

    Nice Dan! So I take it during our next test run we will see you streaking across the stage? I am sure Nick would love to comment and better yet…..I will make you a star 🙂

  25. Ed

    (Dan, this is where you give them a mailing address for a nice sized check.)

  26. DanM

    Bluff and I have talked about it … still trying to persuade them on the added value in my premiums for full-frontal exposure.

  27. Dave

    I still love this clip of Nick Geber interviewing the winner of the WSOPE H.O.R.S.E.last year. Pure comedy…and Nick remained the utmost professional.

  28. DanM

    Booo Nick and Eric! I thought you guys were cool You took it down off YouTube? Pardon the sexism, but … pussies!

  29. Eric Morris

    Was not really our choice! Talk to the man!

  30. DanM

    lame. would that be a man without testicles or one without a sense of humor?

  31. Eric Morris

    No, that would be the Man at ESPN

  32. DanM

    like i said, lame, LOL.