Phil Ivey Wins 2nd Bracelet

by , Jun 14, 2009 | 12:12 am

Just happened … more TK.

Photo: BJ Nemeth (via iPhone?)

Not so fast Ville Wahlbeck and Brock Parker … Player of the Year race ain’t over yet!

And prop bets? Oyy, the prop bets. One of the good things about poker is that betting on yourself won’t keep you out of the Hall of Fame. But it will keep your friends, cronies, and fans wildly speculating on your side action … which Pokerati, btw, puts at anywhere from $2 million to $12 million for Phil Ivey this summer. (We stand behind our numbers.)

Oh, right … the event: $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo 8-or-better … or as I like to call it, OHL/7CSHL. (LOL.) The guy he beat was Ming Lee (not to be confused with Minh Ly).

ALT HED: Black Guy Beats Asian (of course) in Yet Another Event Involving 7-Stud

ALSO UPDATE: I think this pretty much gives Daniel Negreanu the lock on the ESPN Fantasy WSOP pool. We all picked eight players … and Negreanu’s squad has four bracelets less than halfway through the Series. (Lisandro, Alaei, Ivey, Ivey.)

4 Comments to “Phil Ivey Wins 2nd Bracelet”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    So, Dan the Man, does this mean Phil Ivey is a lead pipe cinch for the Poker Hall of Fame?

  2. DanM

    I think yes, he can feel pretty confident about that.

    one tough thing for poker hall of fame, however, compared to baseball or football, is that there’s no “retirement” to wait for.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    He was a lead-pipe cinch for the Poker Hall of Fame before the WSOP, maybe not this year though. However, winning two bracelets in a year that the public can vote does change things.

  4. BJ Nemeth

    Yes, that photo was taken with my iPhone. Now I need to pre-order the new iPhone 3Gs that comes with a better camera!