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by , Jun 11, 2009 | 5:29 am

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise when international players only send their best overseas. But here’s an interesting addendum to official WSOP worldly statistics:

When it comes to ratio of players to wins and cashes, Finland appears to be winning the international race. Russia is a close second. Consider that 14 players from Finland have registered for events played thus far. Six have cashed and one player won. Among Russians, 42 players have entered to date, and 16 have cashed, with one victory. Contrast this with the United States, which has produced 10,344 entries, with 1,691 cashes and 15 wins. This breaks down as follows:

* Six percent of the Finnish players at this WSOP have won a gold bracelet.
* 43 percent of the Finnish players at this WSOP have cashed.
* 2 percent of the Russian players have won gold bracelets, but 38 percent have cashed.
* By contrast, .001 percent of American players have won gold bracelets and 16 percent have cashed.

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  1. BJ Nemeth

    Dan — This is cut-and-pasted from Nolan Dalla’s official WSOP email, which was sent out at the conclusion of Jeffrey Lisandro’s victory in Event #16:

    “12 Americans have won gold bracelets. One Russian player has won. One Finnish player has won. One Australian player has won.* No other nations have been represented on the gold bracelet stand. So far, this is a far cry from last year, when 16 of the 55 gold bracelet events were won by non-Americans (29 percent). This number increased to 19 of 59 events (32 percent), including the four gold bracelet tournaments played at WSOP-Europe.

    * Note above that Jeffrey Lisandro is to be classified as an Australian. He specifically chose the Australian national anthem to be played at his gold bracelet ceremony. Lisandro could have alternatively chosen to be identified as an Italian player, but Australia will get the gold bracelet victory.”

    So, I’ll take your bet for … $100? 🙂

    Even if the list of stats you’re going by currently shows a winner from Italy, I’ll bet you $100 that will switch to Australia by the end of the WSOP. Do we have a bet?

  2. DanM

    No bet, because now I have extra work to do. I do not think the Italians will be happy, however, to have their bracelet stripped amid scandal.

    It was rough enough when they lost Max Pescatori to Las Vegas.

    I’m thinking it’s all gotta be more a matter of tax issues than national pride.