Seniors Day: Girls on the Rail

by , Jun 23, 2009 | 3:35 am

With apologies to Wicked Chops, and possibly all who fought for women’s suffrage:

DSCF6381 DSCF6386
The party girls were everywhere today …

With 3,000 starting chips and slowly climbing blinds, the style of play in the $1k Seniors NLH World Championship can best be described as limp limp limp … but you wouldn’t know that by the heat coming from the rails …

DSCF6519 DSCF6492
How you doin’ …

DSCF6391 DSCF6398
Possible undercover agent?

DSCF6510 DSCF6388
Shake it ladies!

DSCF6374 DSCF6549
Harrah’s, Oh yeah!

DSCF6504 DSCF6378
Wait a minute … no way you’re members of the AARP? Really?


Why yes, ma’am, a ride on your scooter does sound like fun …

5 Comments to “Seniors Day: Girls on the Rail”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    You will get old too……..if you are lucky. There is a big reason research shows seniors are happier than y’all.

  2. DanM

    I hear ya, Johnny. Yesterday’s event was possibly the most chill one of the Series. For as packed as it was, the 2700-player crowd and there fans came with a very relaxed, comfortable, jovial vibe.

    It was almost like a WSOP cruise, without the sunshine, water, and buffets.

  3. Lisa

    I was going to come here and get snarky on you. Then I happened to check the table line-up for today and saw a bunch of DNRs next to people’s names. How in the world did that not make it into this post? How did you resist?

  4. DanM

    I haven’t seen the DNR’s … maybe just temporary?

  5. Lisa

    I thought you’d take the cheap shot with the abbreviation DNR and the elder demographic of the tournament…