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by , Jun 1, 2009 | 3:55 pm

We apparently badge ’em up good … they’re playing hand-for-hand, just a few spots away from the money in the $1,000 Stimulus NLH, and yet another Pokerati preferred player is properly representin’. Cliff Fisher, aka @brdpoker, is an IT specialist from Dallas playing in his first ever WSOP bracelet event. He ended Day 1 last night by more than doubling up when he called a reasonable raise with pocket 2s, flopped a set, and got it all in to eliminate his opponent’s top-pair-top-kicker with AK.

That brought him to 39,300 chips (comfortably above average). Despite his personal efforts not to succumb to superstition, he credits his success to the Pokerati patch: “As soon as I put this thing on, I started running like ultimate Goodness,” Cliff said.

Though he did decide to change his shirt for Day 2, he did keep the patch on to start today, and sure enough, he’s up to 56,100 chips (avg. stack about 30,000) as they cross into the money.

Follow Cliff throughout the day on twitter.

CORRECTION: Cliff did not change his shirt.

Meanwhile, @shoegal5225 also began displaying her Pokerati patch in a way we’re plenty happy to see … and sure enough, upon doing so, she won her satellite:

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