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by , Jun 14, 2009 | 4:41 pm

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Enjoy it while it lasts … here’re the last few hands of Phil Ivey’s winning his bracelet (and more prop bets) last night. I really just wanted to share with you all Micon and Jimmy Fricke’s winner’s interview (the last couple minutes of the above vid), but the video portion isn’t showing on, and the Bluff site doesn’t have their embed options turned on, so you know … we figured we’d do them a favor and help spread this example of fine work covering what some consider too-boring-for-TV, lol.

Micon and Fricke do a pretty good job of explaining the game, and after it’s all over of talking to someone who doesn’t really like to talk with those who can’t gamble with him. They even get a little clarity on the Phil Ivey prop bets, confirming that indeed, as The Insider revealed on The Poker Beat, Ivey did accept a buyout when they were down to 3-handed in the 2-7 Lowball that required him to win a second bracelet to make good on the original bet.

UPDATE: Ah, Pokernews also got a minute with Ivey, too … and though he doesn’t give any clue to how much he really won yesterday, he does tell Melissa Castello that the price he was laying was 2.5 : 1.

2 Comments to “Phil Ivey Winning TV”

  1. Mike G

    7 bracelets, none of them in hold em – odd don’t you think?

  2. Kevin Mathers

    It’s odd in the same way that Hellmuth has 11 bracelets, none of them outside of holdem.