World War Poker

by , Jun 3, 2009 | 4:24 pm

With events finally starting to conclude, the international gold bracelet race is underway — as well as internal skirmishes between US states and Canadian provinces. Should be fun to follow along to see which regions can best back up any claims to poker dominance, and which ones will make a surprise showing. We’ve added a new Top 10 highlight feature to the Pokerati World Standings this year, for a quick glimpse at which nations stand to bring back the most WSOP cash.

The Americans look sure to hold their own, and though it’s still too early to really tell, the Russians booked a big win early to let the world — and maybe more specifically, Europe — know that these comrades didn’t just get lucky last year.

CORRECTION: The image above says “through 59 events”, but in fact, these are the standings only through three.

8 Comments to “World War Poker”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    No one from parts unknown yet?

  2. DanM

    Not yet. And while we’re still tweaking the look and function of it a bit, we’ve got even better fact-checking mechanisms in place this year.

    (Last year we caught about $1.9 million in errors on official results.)

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Must have some good sleuths out there, impressive to have caught that much.

  4. DanM

    they’re usually number typos, or maybe the occasional mis-identified country in the official results. when the high-powered robotics we’ve got working behind the World Standings scene see, for example, a 64th place finish in $1,500 2-7 triple draw paying $148,000 … it’s usually a sign that something’s off.

  5. DanM

    oh, wait, were you talking about you? i didn’t mean to give out the secret that KevMath is actually a machine powered by a quantum processor, lol.

  6. Kevin Mathers

    Lol, no I wasn’t referring to myself, I’m sure your team is on the case to spot any and all errors found.

  7. Ed

    I wouldn’t know an error in those stats if it bit me in the ass. Not even following the WSOP this year. Too busy with back end code fixing.

  8. brdpoker

    Hey, I’m a statistic!