2009: Year of the Not-Women?

by , Jul 9, 2009 | 10:14 am

In some ways, this has been the Year of the Not-Women … as the ladies, as a whole, have found less success than Mexico or Maryland. I suppose 90 percent of success is showing up … And in the main event, though this numbers isn’t official, it seems only somewhere around 100 — maybe 200? — of the 6,494 competitors are women.

Still trying to get an actual tally — but regardless, it’s certainly one of the lowest percentages of female main event entrants in as long as anyone can remember. We blame sexism Rule #36 fiscal responsibility, because obviously Ellen fans for some reason or another did not rise to the WSOP occasion this year like they have before.

3 Comments to “2009: Year of the Not-Women?”

  1. Karridy

    Dan, What do you know about female finishes in 2009? (lol… I just said ‘Dan’ ‘Female’ and ‘Finish’ in the same sentence) I’m wondering where Julie Schneider falls in the list.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Nolan’s tournament report says unofficially 187 women played the ME.

  3. Johnny Hughes

    Back when I was drinking, I said some dumb things to women, but I never called them Ellen fans. That is close to saying to a woman, “I’ve never danced with anyone who smelled like Eskimo Clark before.”