A Moment of Silence for: Sapphire Pool

by , Jul 29, 2009 | 6:38 pm

photo: Steve Hall
Now where’s a guy like Devilfish gonna go to work on his tan?

We saw them in bikinis every day … and though we didn’t get to know their names (at least their real ones), they had without a doubt become part of the WSOP family at the Rio. The hot wayward distant cousins, I suppose, roaming the halls of the Rio with free drink coupons and promises to poker players of nipples in the sunshine …

And now they are gone.

Sapphire Pool at the Rio has closed, after failing an “integrity check” by LVMPD.

We can only wonder what that might have entailed. Brilliant concept, though — stock a casino/resort pool with topless dancers working on their line-less tans (who in turn use it as a way to recruit customers to an off-premise strip club).

It also raises the question of why go after the Sapphire Pool? Were the post-WSOP shenanigans just out of control (after the girls had to make up for the cheap bastardness of poker players)? Do the Las Vegas cops have it in for the Rio? Or can we expect further “integrity check” crackdowns at the clubs themselves? You know, rough economy and all has made the, er, “intensity” of lap dances rather negotiable …

ANSWER: No, according to the LVRJ story (Thanks, F-Train, for the link). Harrah’s supposedly requests these integrity checks, and voluntarily closed the pool down on its own behest.

UPDATE: Prostitution and cocaine selling. (You naughty girls!)

(Does anyone recognize any of the mugshots as poker-hallway girls?)

9 Comments to “A Moment of Silence for: Sapphire Pool”

  1. F-Train

    Surprised you didn’t look at the LVRJ. They give (a bit) more detail. http://www.lvrj.com/news/breaking_news/51944037.html

  2. Lisa

    Sounds like that’s a way to cover their ass (pun intended) when they want to make a change. They being Harrah’s.

  3. J

    “integrity check” – that’s gay

  4. Earl Burton

    It is not surprising that they run these “integrity checks.” I recently read in the LVS, if I remember correctly, that Planet Hollywood was recently hit with a $500K fine for “inappropriate” (read: prostitution, drugs, sex on the premises, etc.) conduct in one of its nightclubs. The story went on to talk about how the casinos want these edgy, adult oriented areas but, because of their gaming licenses, they have to really keep watch on the activities around these establishments.

  5. Trent

    More on the story

  6. Trent

    and of course the URL was cut from my posting….


  7. Tropical Steve

    Those mugshots … my God. Were those women or trannies?

  8. California Jen

    I recognize two of the women from seeing them in the Rio hallways giving away those passes to the pool.

  9. Brian G.

    Damn, they should be charged with more based on how ugly they are.